Meet Steve Bottcher, he is the author of the blog S’Amusing. “Remembering Good Times, Good Places and Good People”.  This feel-good blog will leave you with warmth and fulfillment this holiday season . . . and probably the whole year through! I came across this blog most recently […]


‘‘ What if you could shop for the best shoe designs from people just like you? And when you liked what you saw, just press the button to buy, and instantly – the design is right there on your shoes. ’’ ShiftWear Technologies allows you to create sneaker […]


Remember this Holiday Season, be sure to spend time with the one’s you love. The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation, currently holding a market share of 26%. Founded in 1898, it consists today of several cooperatives of independent supermarkets all operating under the umbrella organisation Edeka […]

Freshly Pressed Fails

Have you ever watched a competition and wondered how that contestant made it to the next round?  Have you ever wondered why that couple is still together? Ever watched reality TV and scratched your head around the notion of how some people just don’t get it.   What’;s up […]

Wallpaper for your Devices

I have a new series of wallpaper features for the computer, tablet or phone. This series or wallpaper features tilt-shift images of free Microsoft wallpaper and from some other free sources. That way, there is no copyright infringement. Many of these photos I have manipulated using tilt-shift pictures application […]


Recently I began using the Fotor app on my Surface Pro to manipulate photos.  I really like the application.  It’s also free! After posting A Tiny World, I began to research tilt-shift software and came across a few that cost upwards of $49.95.  I compared many of them […]

A Tiny World

I recently began a search on model railroad HO scale figures. Surprisingly, I came across a photographer who uses his camera to mimic model figures. His name is Ben Thomas and lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is just one of a number of photographers and artists who use […]


I’m uncertain about this image. It was painted on deeply pocked handmade paper from India. But, it was a much appreciated birthday gift from my best friend and wanted to try it out for size. The image got ahead of me really fast with motion upon motion and…