Information to Contributors

Featured E is a magazine blog .  We welcome original material to feature, mainly posts that feature interesting topics.  We accept features in the area of Film, websites, art, artist interviews, events, companies & businesses, photography and other topics featured on this site.


You can send your article or information to our email for posting.   Please provide any media as attachment with clear explanation where in article you want them inserted.  Photos and links should be clear to understand.

Editorial Notes

Our editorial staff reserves rights to moderate content which does not seem to be relevant or appears unprofessional and not appropriate in nature.  You will be notified on any changes to a post that is necessary prior to publishing in order to keep it  professional.

We require that each author provide photo (no avatars, genuine photography only), social media accounts URL’s and brief bio containing background, interests and qualifications if any.  All contribution related inquiries should be sent to our email.


Featured E-Magazine

Featuring some of the most interesting websites, artists, blogs , posts and just about anything and everything on the planet!. Join us in our discoveries!

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