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Revisiting David Zinn

I recently saw David Zinn on Bored Panda and a cute video release.  I originally featured David in my Featured Street Art post some time ago.

David Zinn is a modern street artist who has been creating street art in Ann Arbor, Michigan since the 1987.  David’s street art is unique.  Unlike stencils and paint, David uses sidewalk ‘chalk’ , charcoal and found objects for all of his projects.  Of course, as we know from giving street chalk to our kids, it will quickly disappear in the first rain or even most dewy of nights.

He has a WordPress blog that features much of his work.  His main characters is Slugo, a green slug with stalked eyes often found in many of his chalk creations.   He also features a flying pig and cute little mice in his creations.

He has a book that showcases many of his street art creations called Lost & Unfounded – Street art by David Zinn.   Unfortunately, at this writing, it is sold out, however I’m sure many of his other projects will be featured in upcoming editions.  You can also see the post in Create Michigan for an interview and more information on David Zinn.

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