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Out of Office: A Refreshingly new Travel Lifestyle Blog

Want to share in new adventures and travel? Welcome to Megan’s blog, Out of Office!

This blog is still new and has some refreshingly wonderful stories of travel and adventure. Megan is truly the world traveler! There are already stories of travel including Banff Springs, Canada, Fall in Central Park, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Hiking in the HooDoos and much more!

“I started my blog with the intention of speaking to those travelers who also work full-time, specifically in corporate America.”

There are also neat informational entries including travel tips and gear! (A Beginners guide to finding the perfect travel backpack).

Megan is a cube-bound world traveler who is trying to manage Corporate American along the fine line called work-life balance.

I sat down with Megan to ask her a few questions about her blog:

Megan, what motivated you to start your blog?

I have always been genuinely interested in other cultures and traveling. Whether it be sharing my own travel plans and stories or helping plan a friend’s trip, I am frequently asked if I have a travel blog they could follow along on or find tips and tricks.

My friends at work joke that I should start a travel agency for them. With these encouraging comments top of mind, I decided to finally set aside the old pen and paper, travel journal and blog my past travels to share them with the world. I hope that I can inspire others to see and experience the world, and show them that it is possible to hold a full time job in Corporate America and still plan meaningful, culturally filled trips.

From a more business related motivation perspective, I come from an entrepreneurial and international business background and hope to eventually use my blog as a launchpad for a business idea I’ve had in the works for quite some time now. I can’t get into much detail as it is not copyrighted yet, but that is definitely another aspect of my blog I plan on implementing in the future.

You have some really great pictures on your blog, what type of camera are you using?

I use a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera with an 18-55 mm lense as well as my iPhone 7. I usually bring both on trips, but with more taxing excursions, I tend to leave the larger lense at home and opt to use the iPhone 7 camera. I edit all of my pictures with Adobe Lightroom, which really enhances the elements in the photo and captures the true, original quality of the picture.

Who is your target audience and where do you see your blog going?

I started my blog with the intention of speaking to those travelers who also work full-time, specifically in corporate America. I’ve read so many inspirational and motivational blogs about travelers who “quit the cube life” or “didn’t want to spend their life as a corporate slave”.

As wonderful and life changing as that may be (and as much as I would love to do that too!), that lifestyle is not for everyone. I am speaking to those who believe in the same values as I do: those who long to travel but must maintain a professional job and those who are challenged day-to-day with building a healthy work-life integration. These people I speak to understand the trade-off that is at stake. These people work to live, not live to work.

“From a more business related perspective, I come from an entrepreneurial and international business background and plan on using my blog as a launchpad for a business idea I’ve had in the works for quite some time now. “

I think most bloggers hope that they can obtain some sort of recognition or maximum audience reach, and I am not going to deny that I wish for the same things. I am confident in the future of my website to say that I see collaboration and integration of travel sites, hotel accommodations, tour groups, etc. in the future. Because I aim to target a mix of travel topics for the leisure and business traveler, I feel that hotels who partner with businesses to accommodate their employees during conferences will benefit from a website like mine.

What other aspects of travel will you blog about in the future?

Right now, I am rummaging through all of my old travel photos to write blog posts about those specific places. The posts will most likely be some sort of travel tip combo, such as where I’ve stayed, ate, and what I did to experience the culture. Aside from digging up old travel memories, I am keen on sharing my thoughts on how one can successfully manage ‘work-life integration’: in other words, how you can manage your travel hobbies while still being a full-time employee in corporate America.  I plan on writing fairly frequently.  Some upcoming posts will consist of: how to make the most of your corporate vacation days, making the most of your time while travelling for business, and more. The topics could be endless.

How do you balance your work and travel and do you travel for pleasure or business, or both?

Work-Life Balance is something everyone strives for.  Companies use it as a major recruiting tool for young talent, families feel the need for it to spend more time together while still making enough to support each other, and young adults right out of school, coming from having months and months of time off between semesters such as myself, struggle with it.

On that note, I am still experimenting with this ‘balance’ per se; however, I am trying to actively change the mindset of ‘work-life balance’ declaring it should not be a balance but more-so an integration. Why should you have to sacrifice time from one or the other? You should be able to have both to live life freely and work flexibly.

My travels are a mix of work and leisure. Most of my domestic travels are for work and are maybe 3-4 times a year at that. I try to spend my vacation days abroad, seeing that I cannot work remotely anywhere outside of the US for liability purposes. When I am sent on a domestic trip, I’ll try to work with my directors to extend my trip and work from that office site, choosing to explore the surrounding areas on the weekends. This doesn’t always work, but I’m definitely keen on it!

For work life balance (or integration as I try to say!), I think it is important to keep a grounded and level head at all times. It is so easy to get caught up in working, whether you have to meet a project deadline or you feel you can’t leave your team because they depend on you. Whatever the reason may be, there is no better excuse for taking a vacation than simply for yourself.

I cannot speak for everyone when I touch on why one should take a vacation, but I think it is universally known that American’s work harder than any other nationality in exchange for little time off. The least we could do is give ourselves a break: you’ve earned these days, so use them! On another quick note, time management is key when balancing work and travel. I am a huge planner and I find this helps me manage everything from my daily tasks to planning travel for the upcoming year. I’m writing a post on how to manage an organized chaos, and one of the best habits to get into is writing down tasks and tackling them one by one. This has done wonders in managing my work-life balance, and inevitably shaved off a bit of time work-wise to make room for more leisurely activities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is always a tough question to answer, especially at my age. I’ve found that in your early to mid twenties, so much can happen in a quick 5 years. This is the age where so many changes can impact your life.

In five years, I see myself either working for an international firm helping them with marketing data analytics or managing my own company. I know this blog will continue to flourish as my travels extend to more exotic locations. I plan on visiting Morocco, South Africa, and India (plus their surrounding areas) in 2017, keeping this blog top of mind.

I appreciate the opportunity to be interviwed on your web magazine and hope I can reach other travellers through my writing.


Megan is a free-lance writer and cube-bound world traveler. I am here to change your perspective of Corporate America’s limited vacation policy one travel post at a time! I am a firm believer of challenging the status quo,  jumping out of your comfort zone, and believing you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. This is my story. So please join me in a photo passport journey of my travels, adventures, and more!


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