Featured Photographer

Photographic Works of Jannik Obenhoff

At 16 years old, Jannik Obenhoff already has over 387,000 followers on Instagram.

He has snapped mountainous Italian, German and Austrian scenery featuring lakes, swans, snowy peaks, crystal lakes and misty hills. His images have an quiety beauty and clarity only seen in photos shot by seasoned photographers twice his age.

The Munich-based photographer started taking photographs, using an iPad, when he was 13. He would then post many of his photos on Instagram, where he quickly gained a huge following.

Today, he takes photographs with a DSLR camera.  Although he’s still at school, the aspiring landscape photographer is already earning money through sponsorships on his page.

Like a true teenager on top of the latest technology, he often uses drones for his breathtaking, scenic photos.


Jannik Obenhoff Photographer @germanroamers Just a boy with a camera, 16 y/o based in Munich, Germany ig.jannikobenhoff@gmail.com



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