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The works of Jan Rambousek and Anything Visual

History happens and the technology of its time, specifically in our past, couldn’t capture the digital crispness or the true magnitude of the events themselves.

What about creating a digital painting, of sorts, of something unique in your life? A special moment or event?

Jan Rambousek and his team is now in the business to recreate those events as never seen before. His prints are truly unique and limited.

In a sort of ‘visual story telling’ that brings together a new level of the visual experience, Jan and his team use modern day techniques to capture truly stunning events in history. Historically accurate in very way. Be it an event known to all in history or personally between you and a small group of friends.

The process is not easy, but ther results are well worth it. It includes film and photographic research, detailed testimonials of historians and eye-witnesses to provide a foundation of realistic authenticity.

His passion includes historic auto racing and such iconic events as the Battle of Britain.

Jan Rambousek is an artist that uses the fascinating tools of modern technologies of digital-imagery for a wide scope of creative and professional undertakings. As a founder of Playground studio he has collaborated on a number of assignments and digital solutions for a wide range of clients. After enormous success of the Silver Arrows Project, he is primarily focusing on developing other personal art projects.

“I’ve decided to pursue my dream of doing something more. Something different. Something unique. I was always passionate about history, precision and detail and was devoted to using the best and latest technology while gathering a small team and not having any restrictions by any clients whatsoever. And so the idea behind Silver Arrows was born.”

He also is behind the motion blur simulation software VirtualRig Studio, that has become a popular tool among all the big names in automotive industry.

On his Unique & Limited website, Jan offers a range of limited edition digital prints. These prints include such award winning Silver Arrows Collection.

In the 1930’s and during the buildup to World War II, Germany dominated the Grand Prix circuit which was referred to as the Silver Arrows. These cars were classic and unique for their stripped-down metallic appearance built by Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union. These cars took their place in auto-racing history due to their incredible performance in some of the most iconic races ever witnessed. The project recreates the story of the Silver Arrows using memorable moments from 12 different races and highlighting details that could never have been captured with the photographic technology of the time.

The project was massive and combined 5 full-time team members from the studio and 1623 average man hours spent on a single art project. At times, there were up to 73 crew members and extras on set to create the visuals needed for the digital art project.

The Silver Arrows project was one of Jan’s first.

“What started as simple labour of love soon turned into 2.5 years of hard work needing all kinds of financial and human resources. But it seemed people were enjoying our work and after attending the famous Festival of Speed in Goodwood in 2014, my vision became quite the success. So we’ve decided to expand our collection and feature other great stories that deserve to be remembered.”

“Something that has never been done before.”


Jan Rambousek works in digital art, Photography and founded Unique & Limited and VirtualRig Studio. He lives in Prague, Czech Republic.


Jan Rambousek / Anything visual Website
Unique & Limited
Virtual Rig Studio
Playground Anything Visual

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