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MitiS: My Lazy Weekend

I really enjoy discovering new music.  I spent a quiet weekend at the beach a few weeks ago and discovered the artist MitiS.  Enjoy one of my favorite tracks.

MitiS, brought up a Classical pianist in Pennsylvania, has been making his way into the Electronic music scene for the past six years (since 2010) and has been producing tracks from genres Dubstep to Electro.

“I just wanna share good music, have it be through performance or a small, simple social setting. Music is what I do, I wouldn’t change that for anything. Have it be a Chopin piece playing in a hall, or a dirty bass kickin’ the club’s ass, I’m down for either.”

After experiencing the classical world of piano, performing in world renowned Halls such as Carnegie Hall in Manhattan NY, and the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, United States, Joe Torre became MitiS to give the Dance music scene a run for it’s money. “I find myself unable to stop making phat basses, heavy beats,and throwing melodies into the mix… I can’t think of anything else more appetizing; It’s the new age Classical.” (Website)

Mitis is the stage name of American dubstep, electro and dance record producer, Joe Torre, who arrived on the scene in 2012 and has been prodigiously releasing mixes and original tracks ever since, hailing from Media, Pennsylvania, U.S.


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  1. I enjoyed that you like to share newly discovered music. There’s such a variety and the means to access ur are limitless. I’m not a fan of New Age music but give me some Waylon Jennings (RIP) and you’ve got my attention.

    If you’re still doing interviews, then I’d like you to take a look at an artist (sketches, cartoons, stories) who lives in London. Check out ‘Victor Szepessy’. You might find him interesting. Meantime, I’m still writing my blog. Best regards, Steve


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