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Loving Vincent

A new film is in the making produced by Hugh Welchman of Breakthrough Films.  The film, Loving Vincent, is a collaboration of artists bringing Vincent’s paintings to life and telling a story.  Telling the story of his life . . . and his untimely death.  Much of the films vision comes from Dorota Kobiela, who is a film animator and artist.

Production of the film began in 2011 and is due to be completed this year.

This film encompasses the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh as told through the characters he painted. This will be the World’s first fully painted featured film about the mysterious death of Vincent Van Gogh.

In all, it will take about 8 years, 860 paintings, 1026 drawings, 800 letters and 20 people who tell the story of his life and death.

Through a kick starter program, the production team tested over 200 painters and narrowed the list down to 70 painters for training.  Each painter received 6 weeks of training.

The selection process then narrowed it down to 40 painters to work on the project for completion.

The 80 minute movie has over 57,000 hand painted frames.  That’s about 12 paintings for each second of the movie!

“We cannot speak other than by our paintings. With a handshake . . . your loving Vincent”

This film is set to be released in September 2016.


Website – Loving Vincent

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