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OK, it’s been a little while since I posted some of my favorite blog picks of the week series.  With the 88th Oscars coming on Sunday, February 28th, you can catch up on the latest movie nominees  on these great film blogs.  Here are some of my discoveries in the realm of movie review blogs.  Be sure to check them out!


Rob loves watching and reviewing movies.  What is interesting on his site is his review of some obscure movies you may have never heard of before.  He also has a nice feature called “Temporal Top Ten“.

“I’ve decided to try and help you all discover (or rediscover) movies of years past that I feel are the best movies of any given year. (yes, some are guilty pleasures, but we are all entitled to our opinions here) 🙂

The idea is simple – I’m gonna randomly choose a year each time and present you all with my favorite movies from that year.

In addition, I will also list (based on a very educated guess) how many movies I’ve seen that came out during that year along with the names of EVERY one of the titles.”

The Review Club

Another good movie review site!

“I’ve always had a passion for film and studying at A Level years back, ignited this further to make me appreciate auteurs, styles and ideas more than before. Since then I have come up with script ideas of my own, that I one day hope to have turned into moving pictures.”

Film Grimoire

Anna is a recent counselling graduate with a passion for film, from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently studying a Masters in Social Work.  Her eventual goal is to work as a counsellor with kids/adolescents and families who are victims of sexual assault and other trauma. In her spare time however, she watches as many films as she can.

About the blog: Film Grimoire is my blog where you can find my film reviews. Be they high class or low brow, this blog explores films of all sizes and target audiences. Please enjoy and feel free to comment with your own opinions!

Silver Screen Serenade

Cara is a writer who loves film.

“As a writer with some time on her hands, I have decided to venture into the world of movie and TV reviews. I’m not a professional, mind you, but I’ve definitely seen my share of awesome and less than awesome entertainment, and I would like to believe through it all, I have retained pretty good taste. So check out my opinions and do with them what you will.”

Digital Shortbread

Tom is a Knoxville-based film blogger who has spent the last three years putting together the page as you currently experience it. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, one that favors the journalism track.

I think it may be one of the best film review blog out there.  I love his writing style!

Tom has an interesting section called Throwback Thursday’s.  “Read what I have to say on films long since passed (or, you know. . .maybe not so much.) As a general rule of thumb, I do not include films that have been released in the last 5 years.”  He is also a follower of James Franco and has a section called “The Franco Files”. “This most recent addition to the blog shines a spotlight on James Franco (for obvious reasons). Though I have been recently tempting the idea of turning the attention to other performers whom I greatly admire and have been following for a long time.”

Digital Shortbread (probably the most unnatural pairing of words you’re likely to see. .  today, anyway) has become home to the emotional and often side-tracked movie review. In the beginning I swear I was always going to remain objective and analyze what I saw fairly and unbiased. I’ve since found that writing fairly is easy but without bias, impossible! At the end of the day people tend to orient themselves around entertainment that fits their personality best. It’s like clothing, the media. Even big budget films can be personal experiences. That said, I want to always be more open-minded for different things as well, so please let me know if there’s something out there that DSB is missing.


“Call me Ms. Coolsville! You can tell I didn’t put a lot of thought in my online name, but I’m private like that. I’m a 20-something living a simple life near the Blue Ridge Mountains where I work in education and market research. I’ve been a fan of movies and film history since I was a child growing up in the 1990s. My tastes are incredibly varied, but I’m especially fond of classic film and obscure indies. I also adore listening to music and discovering new artists; my favorite genres include electronic, trip-hop, jazz, ambient, pop, and world. Other interests of mine include reading, creative writing, cooking, pop culture, and coffee.”

Raging Film

Another nice film blog.  A nice mix of ‘negative reviews’, Summer and Winter Series’ and more.  In the Summer Series:

“Every Summer I watch as many movies as possible while also balancing work and friends. My record (when I was not working) was about 200 films (this included a bunch of Chaplin shorts). This summer, we will be seeing how many I watch. There is no specific order in which I watch these. They will range from new to old, English to foreign. So let’s enjoy this journey together.”

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  1. We obviously have similar taste because I already frequent several of your selections, there are a couple I haven’t heard of though, so I’ll go and have a look at them.
    Love the positive nature of these Freshly Featured posts!


  2. Its great to see such a cross-section of talented film critics. There is much doomsday talk in various academic and non-academic circles about the death of film criticism. I’m doing a research paper for my Masters degree in film studies and am looking at the evolution and contemporary relevance of film criticism which I hope will add depth to my own role as a film critic.Reports of the demise of the film critic are greatly exaggerated. I’ll post the paper early next year when its finished. In the meantime you might care to visit.


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