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Interview with David Catmull: Hey Look, Toys!

A new website recently launched that’s all about toys!  It is called, you guessed it, Hey Look, Toys!

In the crowded market of toy testing  and YouTube channel videos, this one immediately sets itself apart.

What makes the videos so nice is David’s signature, bass voice. No geeky narration from 20 and 30-something nerds or prepubescent teens screaming the latest toy reviews.

I recently contacted David Catmull and his wife Lisa, the creators of this fantastic website for the latest scoop on their venture.

The site has wonderful reviews, mostly in YouTube format.  There is also the informative blogger blog.

When did you begin your site?

Hey Look! Toys started in October 2015. I started the blog/website/YouTube channel together with my wife Lisa to highlight my love of narration and voice work.

What factors influenced you to start this project?

I worked as a software engineer for 20 years with companies such as Pixar, Final Draft, and Google before I decided to pursue voice acting.

The YouTube channel features toy reviews of Transformers, Star Wars toys, Disney/Pixar toys, and miscellaneous fun toys, as well as Lego speed builds.

What is your background in toys?

I have been collecting Transformers since they came out in 1984. I’m a big fan of the original animated series and 1986 movie.

We’re both passionate about toys and dedicated to providing concise, high quality reviews that help collectors and toy purchasers make informed decisions. We also like to have some fun.

Who is that narrating the “Hey Look, Toys” at the beginning of each video?

Yes, my daughter voices the opening animation of “Hey Look! Toys.”

As a toy reviewer, do you have the toys sent by different companies to you and do you keep all the toys your review?

We purchase all our own toys. Some we keep, others we give away. Many of them we buy over and over again to give as gifts, since we know what we like and what our kids actually play with.

I first noticed the site after doing a search on the new BB-8 droid toys.  This video has already reached overt 250K viewers!

The first thing I noticed while watching the video is the concise narration and review.  Not to mention the professional quality.

The site promises to deliver some great reviews and should be an excellent resource before toy shopping! Enjoy.

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