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Glass Houses for Healthier Living

This is a unique architectural design by The Photon Space.

“The Photon Space is a luxury daylight suite constructed entirely from intelligent glass to allow the maximum amount of natural light into a comfortable living environment. Within a 45m2 footprint, this all-glass structure provides 360 degree views, which contribute to the acute sense of space and greater connectivity with the natural surrounding environment. The suite is designed as a compact living solution, incorporating a sitting room and double bedroom with a modular integrated kitchen and bathroom, with furnishings selected for their quality and design from specialist suppliers to reflect both the culture and landscape of the locale.”

The idea is “Intelligent daylight for a healthier life.”

The Photon Team

The Photon Team

The Photon Team reports on their website:

“The Photon Space is a compact living environment – a daylight suite- for short or long term stays. It combines our needs and desires in a single unique experience- our biological need for daylight and our psychological desire to connect with our surroundings.

The Photon Space responds to the extensive scientific evidence linking the lack of daylight exposure to both mild and serious medical conditions. It was created after collaboration between Specialist Glass experts Cantifix, award winning architect Brent Richards and Professor Russell Foster, an eminent neuroscientist from Oxford University.

The majority of the envelope is glass, structurally bonded with advanced silicones to curved glass beams, which combines the latest technological advances in thin-films, coatings, interlayers and nano-treatments to create the unique feel, atmosphere and performance of the internal environment.

The semi-modular construction and integrated steel base means it can be constructed in virtually all locations and the high performance glass skin makes it suitable for most climates. It touches the earth lightly and can therefore be moved with very little impact on the surroundings- a central tenet of our expanding sustainability agenda.”

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