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The World According to Dunken K Bliths

Dunken Bliths is an artist/photographer living in Australia.  You may know him from google + , where he has over 39,000 followers.  His artist animations are some of the most popular photographs combining photo-realism and movement.

I contacted Dunken recently for this exclusive interview.

Q. How is life in Australia and what is your typical day like?

I love Australia…I moved from the UK about 10 years ago and haven’t wanted to return, apart from seeing the family once every few years. After visiting about 20 years ago, Australia seemed  like the place I wanted to end up in…and this came true…..always loved the heat….

My days are mainly filled with non-Graphic work, which includes some development work, for Government and various companies…I have to say this is my main source of income at the moment….but things are changing…but I try to do at least one animation a day during lunch break, Let’s say it’s my distraction for now….

Q. Dunken, I love your animations. You are known as the “guy who creates unique animations on Google Plus.” It seems you were already featuring them when google + first came on-line. How did you start?

Yes…I started on GOOGLE+ back in the early days after I realized I could actually post Animated GIF’s.  I think this was Googles Edge at the beginning… I came from an animation background (self-taught) and just loved the idea of 2-3 second animations created for the format.  I even was able to communicate with the developers to help the upload features and even helped debug a few issue they had in the early days…Then the “Profile” animations came along and I did quite a few for many of the well know people on Google+.  You can see some of them here .

Q. Do you do any advertising or make a living with your animations?

I don’t advertise at all and is all word of mouth and having been on Google+ for quite some time … I get small commission work once in a while…but my main passion these days is Virtual Reality..and am slowly moving into this area as I find a niche ! – My site being 360 Evolve VR – this area of graphics is very exciting to me, as it is truly the future.


TheNativityQ. How do you come up with some of your ideas and inspiration for your animations?

Inspiration is usually driven by the underlying image…unless I’m doing a collage of animations…. At the moment I am doing a “Nativity Scene” and slowly evolving it… lots of politics in this one..  You can see the progress on one of the “Collections” a feature of Google+ to categorise images… The Nativity.  This one definitely taking on a mind of its own as the days to Christmas count down…I don’t have a final destination for this work…but I am sure it will be good in the end…As you can see my mind is one crazy thing !

Q. Do you use special soft-ware for your animations? Can you walk us through the process?

Software I basically use Photoshop and After Effects and a few simple plugs….occasionally I might use 3DMAX to generate some 3D components…The process is very simple …Photoshop to cut the picture up and compose it with other items for the scene…this I then take into After-Effect to compose and animate the image,  then I re-export it out to Photoshop where I create the GIF… the After-Effects part is where all the Magic happens…

Q. The animal – hand GIFS were some of the first animations I viewed on Google Plus. Is there any animation that stands out as your ‘best’ or most influential ?

Ah yes the hand animations including a few from a famous hand painter…I saw these and just had to animate them…as they are already fantastic, but just needed some life brought into them… I hope “Guido Daniele” sees my work …I did try to contact him, but no reply.

One of the most share of all my work was the Winking Coffee cup…its funny how some animations are popular and other not …the funny thing is that took me literally 2 minutes to create.


Q. How long does it typically take you to make one animation from concept to completion?

Depending on the complexity of the Animations, anything from 2 minutes , typically 15 minutes to an hour, but have been known to spend a few hours, perfecting some looks…

Dunken, if you want to add anything, please do and thank you.

Perhaps one day you may see a wacky “VR” environment created by me… where you can actually walk around my crazy Brain !

To see more of Dunken’s work, visit his GOOGLE + PAGE.  Thanks again Dunken!  Enjoy!

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