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S'AmusingMeet Steve Bottcher, he is the author of the blog S’Amusing. “Remembering Good Times, Good Places and Good People”.  This feel-good blog will leave you with warmth and fulfillment this holiday season . . . and probably the whole year through!

I came across this blog most recently and it is one that I will definitely come back to.  Kind of like coming home.

You’ll understand once you visit and read some of his blog entries.   Who could not want to read such entries as, “Today, I Smell Gingerbread…a Holiday Story“, “My Morning Paper” or “Blueberries, Strawberries and The End of Summer“.

Steve retired in 2013 after 5 years as an elementary school teacher and 40 years as a sales representative. His essays/stories are a way to communicate through the telling of personal experiences.

“One reader said about his essays, “…these are like a cold sip during a marathon run, simple, real life events”. Enjoy the run!”

Recently, I contacted Steve to ask him a few questions about his blog and how he began.

Steve, what motivated you to start your blog?

Great question. I had a funny experience at my local Y (YMCA) and wrote a brief story about it, ‘Today, I Shook Hands With a Naked Man’. My cousin read it, liked it and suggested that I write more with the ‘Today, I…’ theme. An associate liked my writing and strongly urged me to keep at it. When I saw people were enjoying them and identifying with the story lines, the blog was born.

You have some really inspiring and feel-good entries. You call them ‘essays’. Can you tell us more?

Initially, I called them stories but someone indicated that if the events are true, the correct term is ‘essays’. Hence the ‘essay’ description. But I’m rethinking it and will probably follow my sister’s reference and call them ‘musings’, which is how I chose the blog title, “S’amusing”. They’re simply some ramblings and reflections of events or observations in my life. I’ve noticed that these ‘musings’ affect readers in a positive way with a smile, a laugh or helping to awaken a good memory of their own life’s experience. And that makes me feel good.

You reference baseball in one of your entries. Did you play when you were younger?

I played Little League baseball, as all my friends did. We played other recreational games based on baseball. Baseball was king when I was a kid but we played a variety of games outside, some of which were made up each day, depending on the season. Rough & Tumble, King of The Hill, Run the Bases, these were some of the games kids loosely organized and played without adult supervision. But, remember, my youth was a time preceded by electronic gizmos and cable television. The street was our ‘home page’ and our arms and legs were the ‘controls’. It made for a lot of good times, memories and stronger bodies.

I lost my father in 2011, and you write about some of the experiences you shared with your father in “Today, I touched my father’s hand”. What lessons of life did you take away from your father’s guidance?

I was the youngest of 7 children, born into a blue collar family. My father had reformed some bad habits by the time I came along and was the most wonderful dad for my sister and me. He taught me to fish, hunt, play golf and quietly supported my activities. Most importantly, he instilled the principle that hard work brings happiness, that a job worth doing is a job worth doing right and above all, be helpful to other people and honest at all times. Giving away a good fishing spot is the only exception to the latter.

By his example, he demonstrated how to be a good father and husband. There’s no doubt that my father is my role model.  It’s hard to measure up because he had such high standards. Two other ‘musings’ that give a bit of insight into his role and my family are, ‘My Mother Was Catholic, My Father Was Handsome’ and ‘My Shoebox Family’. I plan to write a new one along the lines of my father’s wisdom. He had some wonderful and sometimes funny advice, like all dads did. I think he was proud of me but like a lot of dads from that era, tough on the outside but kind inside, he didn’t verbalized his feelings much at all. For my part, I wish I had hugged him more. He was a painter by trade but stood on the highest pedestal, in my eyes.

Thank you so much Steve for sharing this with us.  I and I’m sure all my readers will be anxious to visit your blog and read more.  Be sure to add Steve to your readers!

More on Steve:

“I started my blog earlier this year because I wanted to share my musings with anyone I could reach. As a retiree, I also wanted the mental exercise required in writing buys a difficult but rewarding effort. Before I started the writing, I was memorizing and recording poems. You can find them on YouTube under my name, Stephen Bottcher, or ‘srbottch ‘. To completely satisfy my narcissistic personality (tongue in cheek), I started Instagram (srbottch).”

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