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‘‘ What if you could shop for the best shoe designs from people just like you? And when you liked what you saw, just press the button to buy, and instantly – the design is right there on your shoes. ’’

ShiftWear Technologies allows you to create sneaker designs right off your phone or tablet.  Using HD technology, the company is poised to distribute in the Fall 2016. The New York based company has already raised 128,560 USD, surpassing their 25,000 USD goal.


ShiftWear sneakers are waterproof, so you can machine-wash them. Their soles are coated with Kevlar Fibers, to resist the normal wear and tear of traditional sneakers. The flexible electronics in the shoes charge with every step you take – or wirelessly. The sneakers will be available in high, medium and low tops. Use our app to display HD-quality images right on the display areas of your sneakers. In addition to static designs and images, ShiftWear shoes can also display animations. However, if your design is static, the sneaker will consume no power and your design will stay that way till you change it.

ShiftWear Sneakers

You can read more about ShiftWear at Indiegogo or visit their Website.


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