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Have you ever watched a competition and wondered how that contestant made it to the next round?  Have you ever wondered why that couple is still together? Ever watched reality TV and scratched your head around the notion of how some people just don’t get it.   What’;s up with that?  What’s up with that?  Well, now you know how most of us feel when we see someone who gets freshly pressed for something really silly.  We are all left scratching our heads.

I don’t mind reading posts that are witty, humorous and smart.  I think we all do.  What I don’t like are posts with poor content, uneducated, unresearched and full or silly rants just to pound a point home.  The more shocking, the better?  Really?

Some of you may like these posts and some of you won’t.  That is the beauty of blogging.  Different styles reflect different tastes.  But why do the editors chose to label these “Best” of the WP genre?  I like the slogan on the About page, but this is also open to interpretation.  The best content?

“The best content on WordPress, collected for you by humans who love to read.”

Now that Freshly Pressed is run through the newer Discovery Blog at WordPress, I thought I would post some of the strangest and surprisingly silly Freshly Pressed posts I’ve ever read that was presented in the old format.  In fact, I began writing this post some time ago and left it in the archives of draft-dome before finding it again.


“We highlight people
who use WordPress to share their
extraordinary stories and projects,
from interviews with authors to conversations with artists.

Feel free to replace the word “silly” or “silliest” with any other expletive you desire.

I do like in this new format on the Discovery Blog.  How the 6 editors of WP have taken a page right out of my own site by featuring websites and authors, artists, etc.

They are now actively “discovering” new artists and sites instead of just posts.  Unfortunately, some of them really don’t deserve the title “freshly pressed”.

I also like how various topics are presented in an organized fashion.  This makes it easy to find blogs that appeal to your particular interest.

OK, so on to the posts.

The following posts are not so pretty.  We probably all know that there is just not enough really “good” posts out there in the blogosphere, so the editors chose these to freshly press.   How did they manage to find these posts?

Here are some of them, I’m sure you will find more.

I’m Never Having Kids. No. Really.

Once you start reading this post, you will likely begin to wonder and scratch your head? Let’s press a post on someone who hates children.  Or rather, never wants to have them.   It starts with a 24-year-old who underwent a tubal ligation in protest of having kids.  Extreme?  Well yes.   But as you read on, it maybe a good thing that this author had her tubes tied.  I was beginning to feel bad about the child she never had by sentiments such as “a child is really not a gift, but rather a gift is, and I quote:  “Sleeping in. Walking around naked. Being drunk whenever. Staying out all night., etc. etc. “

Leave it up to 24-year-old to make those wise decisions.  A real WP-FP moment.

I pooped my pants in Hobby Lobby

There is nothing really funny about IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), but then there is nothing really funny about ‘pooping’ in your pants either.  I call this another FP moment.  A stinky moment.  A real poopy post.

My Kids Eating Lunch Under a Blanket in Honor of National Breastfeeding Month

I guess they are trying to make a point here? You probably don’t really have to go past the photo to understand the point, so why read on?  And really, are your kids really eating under a blanket just to make the point, or get the picture?  Come now. This might also be the shortest post to ever get Freshly Pressed.  Wow.

Anatomy of the Holidays

Well, how many times have we seen a single ‘cartoon’ get this kind of WP recognition?

Asian American

I call this the “retro-feature”.  Originally posted in 2009?  Really.  We are now in 2015, and I know good things will always be good.  So, let’s post a post that has a dead link and is 6 years old?

Your High School Kid Can’t Read – And It’s YOUR Fault

Sure, I love reading posts that have no educational merit.  Just an unfounded rant.   Of course it’s our fault that my child is functionally illiterate.  But why?  If you want to read a really good article on the cause and effect of functional illiteracy, read Sam Blumenfeld’s article in The New American.

There is an easy solution to the editors dilemma so they don’t have to brainstorm on the next, ‘best’ post or blog.  Just randomly feature blogs that have some sense of stay power and interest.  Maybe shy away from the mainstream and professional bloggers.

And please WP, can you limit the features to one blog or one post at a time?  I’m getting a little tired of watching people post the 2 and 3 times they have been featured or FP’d with their badges plastered in the widget bar.  We get it, you got FP’d.  But what about the other 98%  who didn’t?   Let’s hope you don’t fall into the category of a rant-post, cartoon-croney, one-line lipster or blog-shock pooper.

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  1. Sadly the only way illnesses like Crohn’s and Colitis to ever make headlines and raise awareness of a disease that desperately needs more research and funding is through the shock-blog! I’m writing about my week with Crohn’s this week as part of our charity’s awareness week. My days of campaigning and media involvement are mostly over, I’m way too tired! Before the rise of social media I put myself out there in charity organised national press articles and on radio and TV. Live radio was always fine, TV always wanted “an angle” and mags/papers would just come up with the most shocking tagline they could think of to get people to buy and read! Sometimes I just laughed it off and sometimes I was cross but after volunteering for the charity for many years I started meeting people whose lives had been changed for the better because I had put myself forward for those articles! One woman said that she had consistently refused life saving surgery until a nurse gave her my article to read. It had the worst shock tag ever, so bad that I won’t repeat it. But I don’t care, cos I met someone who probably would have died if she hadn’t read my story and had stoma surgery!


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