Featured Wallpaper

Wallpaper for your Devices

I have a new series of wallpaper features for the computer, tablet or phone.

This series or wallpaper features tilt-shift images of free Microsoft wallpaper and from some other free sources. That way, there is no copyright infringement.

Many of these photos I have manipulated using tilt-shift pictures application Fotor and Lightroom.

These were actually simple to make.  Yesterday, I posted an article about Fotor and it’s neat applications.

You can see how I used those application in my post entitled Tiny World, that explains the use of tilt-shift technique in photography.  Many tilt-shift lenses are very expensive, so I found a free app that gives a pretty good result.  The app is free for download called Fotor.  I do wish it did some other things like selective focus variation, but for a free app, it’s pretty good.

You can download Fotor for both IOS and Android.  Be sure to check out the Fotor Website.  For more information on the Fotor App, see my post here.

Feel free to download them and use them for your wallpaper, screensavers, etc. Enjoy!

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