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Meera’s Blog: The Transindia Documentary

I want to introduce you to Meera’s Blog.  Meera has an awesome blog of film and TV reviews.  She is also an accomplished director and film maker.

Meeras Blog

She writes,”I am currently commencing a degree in Media Production (BA Honours) at Coventry University as an ambitious filmmaker my aspirations are to become a professional Film/TV Director and Producer.”

I enjoy creating films which take the audience on a journey, capture meaning, share a special story and propose memory.

Presently, she is also working on a project called the Transindia Documentary.  She writes on her blog:

“‘TRANSINDIA’ is a Documentary exploring the Transgender Community (Hijras) in India.

Since the Criminal Tribes act in 1871, Hijras are classified as immoral, corrupt beings, gradually losing their place in society. Even though the Supreme Court recently recognized the transgender as ‘The Third Gender’, their negligence in society still remains.

My Documentary aims to capture a positive exploration on their lives, culture, beliefs and most importantly their unity. Why have they become ostracised? What do they do for a living? I want to find the answers to these several questions, seeking the ultimate truth.

I want my documentary to be an eye-opener for not only the Indian society, but for all parts of the world. Hijras are perceived as negative, belittled in society, yet what people do not know, is that Hijras are optimistic, they’re helpful, their blessings and intentions are genuine. Just because of their preferred gender identity, people have marginalised them from society. As a result they are finding it difficult to gain professional jobs.

Instead of recycling the negative portrayals of Hijras, Transindia will create a positive impact on their community, finally giving them a voice they deserve. I am hugely passionate about making this film, however, to reach my goal I will need your support. Any contribution would be appreciated. Your support will go towards offering clothing and food to the community and Film production costs. And of course, in return you will receive some amazing perks/rewards. Visit the Indiegogo campaign.

If you are unable to contribute, there are other ways you can support. Be sure to spread the word via social media and tell your friends and family. Follow the film’s journey on Twitter@TransindiaFilm and give us a like/share on Facebook.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this post. I hope you can join me on this special journey.”

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