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Ok, this Sunday, I’m just going to pick out some of my cool followers that I found interesting to read over the past few weeks.  Thanks again for following and I hope everyone likes these blogs as much as I do.


Very cool blog. From her about page meet Amanda, “I am a 27-year-old, photography student and mum to my 3 beautiful bambino’s.

As the year begun, I felt an over-whelming desire to rediscover my passion for writing. I have all these BIG IDEAS popping out of my head like fireworks. I’m constantly trying to catch them before they dissolve into nothingness. Ultimately, my goal is to write a book. This will be a huge triumph, seeing as I am yet to put pen to paper.”

She has some cool blog entries like 10 More Things I Hate About Facebook, But First, Let Me Take A Selfie! and others. Her blog entries are well written and funny too. Enjoy.


ARTL▼RK is a blog in progress. An “alternative cultural daybook” of sorts.  The creators of this blog post daily on topics ranging from Art, Art history, Pop culture, photography and just about anything! From their about page: “Its creators are art historians who met whilst completing their doctorates and have dreamed up a creative project like this ever since. We finally launched our site in September 2013 after months of researching, organising and perfecting the material we wanted to publish. The idea for the blog is quite simple: one article each day celebrating important happenings in the history of culture and bringing it to the reader as entertainment, discussion board or study platform. We do not display any advertisements. However, we have a Donate option and have signed up with Amazon Affiliates links – we are hoping that the readers will benefit from these connections to expand their knowledge horizons, whilst contributing, in some way, to the upkeep of our project. Welcome and enjoy!”

Life of this city girl

Most of you are already familiiar with my blog pick series including movie reviews, books, food, etc.  Well this blog is a little bit of all that wrapped into one.  Live of this city girl posts book reviews, movie reviews, and just about a little bit of everything.

Anne Madeline Designs

Anne is all about art and fashion.  She has a great little blog and even illustrates it herself!  From her about page:  “I started Anne Madeline Designs as a way to stay connected to fashion and art as I work in communications. I grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Wellesley College and now live in Boston.

Anne Madeline Designs is a blog about fashion, experiencing life and enjoying the little moments. All the drawings included on the website are original and created by me. This is a place for my imagination to run rampant over style and anything that adds a dash of fabulous to everyday life.”

Leo Craven – “Fiction without Apology”

Leo is a fiction author and has taken some of his private writings including short stories, poetry and even song lyrics public.  His short stories are some of my favorites.  From his about page:  “Recently, I decided it was time to take my passion for story telling public.  While some of my past work (poetry, song writing) will be showcased on this website, my primary focus now is to bring to life the heroes, heroines and villains that have long existed in my dreams.

The reason I chose “Fiction without Apology” as the caption on my home page is because I believe too often, society would have us apologizing or feeling guilty for our dark thoughts, sexual fantasies and our desire to believe that there’s more to the world than what can be seen on the internet or through the news.  I will not hesitate to include sex or violence in my stories if it complements the characters or theme.  However, it will always be with the purpose of bringing to life a more vivid depiction within the story and not just for shock value or some quick, sugary-sweet verbal fix.

In parting, allow me to extend to you my favorite saying from the business world, “caviat emptor”, or in this case, as the guest on my website, “let the reader beware.”

Enjoy this weeks Blog Picks!

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