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Food Blog Picks of the Week

How are your tastebuds this morning?  Well, another Sunday is upon us and here are this weeks blog picks.  I thought I would find some blogs that are food related. These blogs are totally dedicated to food with some other treats inside.


Serena loves to blog about San Francisco and food!  She will introduce you to everything food in San Francisco.  From her blog she writes, “I hope to share my helpful tips and hints (things I wish I knew) to the best transportation, restaurant service, to providing an understand of places (maybe they’re short staffed, maybe there’s a language barrier), I share my experiences with you and hope you enjoy your dining experience as well.”  She is San Francisco’s living Pac-Man, or should I say Pac-Woman.

Details Naturally

Juliette is an Italian girl living in Holland with her boyfriend, Roberto.  They enjoy nature’s grandeur and live as well as cook naturally.  She is passionate about photography and table top/food styling. You can find her natural recipes on her recipe index page.  Check it out.

A Taste of Wellness

The subtitle tells all:  Recipes and Inspiration from the Church Health Center Kitchen. This blog is all about recipes and healthy eating. “Making smart foods choices and developing healthy eating habits falls right into our mission of striving for a healthy body. Good nutrition builds strong bodies that can lead to being whole people better connected to God. What you eat matters. Whatever your eating habits are now, you can increase your understanding of how food affects your overall well being, learn to make smart food choices, and develop healthy eating habits.”

Happy Snack Life

Nedin is a “Wife, Mother, Eternal Optimist, Kitchen Dancer, List Writer, Part-Time Perfectionist, Snack-Aholic”. She lives in Quebec, Canada and runs a pretty cool food blog. From her about page, “I’m passionate about all things home making, especially the creative challenges and satisfaction wich comes from feeding your family on a budget. I’m a self-taught vegan chef and at the moment a stay-at-home-Mother on a mission to make the most of my (small) semi-suburban kitchen. My blog is my medium for sharing all that I discover and learn on my eternal quest for affordable, delicious and healthy food choices.”

Enjoy this weeks Blog Picks!

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