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Jurassic World: Over a Decade in the Making

imageI’m sure everyone has seen the new Jurassic World trailer (see below) released just last week.  A most anticipated movie blockbuster set to be released in the Summer of 2015 (June 12, 2015).  It has an all new cast and some surprises.  What could be more cool than tweaking genetics and creating a new, genetically synthesized ‘hybrid’ dinosaur?  This new hybrid will ‘kill anything that moves’.  How exciting.  And unlike the previous 3 Jurassic Park movies, the velociraptors are now our friends.

Even at the end of Jurassic Park III in 2001, there was talk of a ‘park sequel’ or Jurassic Park IV.  This was the episode in the Trilogy to begin a new Trilogy of Jurassic Park movies.  This would be the first to actually present the  real “Jurassic Park” as realized in a typical theme park that we envision today.  In its inception, it would always be called Jurassic Park IV and only recently announced by Universal as Jurassic World.

Over the past decade, the film has been in developmental limbo (developmental ‘hell’)  after production of Jurassic Park III.  (Wikipedia)  Many of the original actors from the movie trilogy including Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough and Sam Neill agreed to reprise their roles for the fourth film and early writing for the screen adaptation began in 2003. The film was slated to be released as early as 2005.  Unfortunately, the script went through so many re-writes, that by 2005, the entire project was put on hold.

The film script began its most early inception by the end of filming Jurassic Park III at the end of 2001. William Monahan started on the early screen adaptation which was taken over by John Sayles in 2004. It was about this time that Jack Horner came on as consultant for the fourth film.  The working of the script and the premise of an engineered dinosaur was already in the early script and had been leaked via internet in 2005.  The early script was hacked directly from Steven Spielberg’s email. (See hacked Sayles draft here).  Due to a writers guild strike in 2007-2008, there was no real work done on the script during those years.

∫  The first draft of the script for Jurassic Park IV or Jurassic World by John Sayles

∫ The first draft of the script for Jurassic Park IV or Jurassic World by John Sayles

There were rumors that Michael Crichton would re-write the script, however, in 2008, he died and Frank Marshall (Producer) and Kathleen Kennedy began looking on the script.  By 2011, Spielberg began talks with Mark Protosevich to begin work on the script originally prepared by Sayles.  In 2013, the script was being reworked by Colin Trevorrow and writing partner Derek Connolly.  Colin Trevorrow agreed to direct the film shortly thereafter.  By this time, most of the lead characters who initially agreed to stay on with Jurassic Park IV lost interest in the reprise and completely new characters were cast.  Unfortunately, Lord Richard Attenborough died in 2014 never to participate in the fourth film.

It was in 2013, due to the nature of the new story plot and the rumors of a potential “reboot” of the old Jurassic Park Trilolgy, that Universal agreed to call it Jurassic World.  In May 2013, Sam Neill had hinted that he would not take part in the film, stating “I’m told it’s a big reboot, a total “rejig.”

Colin Trevorrow tweeted in November 2013,  “Reboot is a strong word. This is a new sci-fi terror adventure set 22 years after the horrific events of Jurassic Park.” According to Trevorrow in August 2013, production was on hold, and the movie’s release date had been pushed to 2015.”  By this time, Spielberg had agreed to remain on as executive producer.  After finally agreeing to a new script, the screen adaptation was ready to go into production by 2014.

“Principal photography and production began on April 10, 2014 at the Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii. Filming continued for four weeks on Oahu. At the end of April, filming took place at the Hawaii Convention Center.  Filming moved to Kauai on May 15, 2014, and concluded there on June 6, 2014. Filming resumed that day at the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans, where a scientist village had been constructed. Filming was scheduled to remain in Louisiana for eleven weeks. On June 30, 2014, filming took place at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans; actors Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, and Judy Greer were reported to be present.  An evacuation scene was filmed at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.  Swamp scenes were filmed in Slidell, Louisiana. The majority of the filming in New Orleans took place at Big Easy Studios inside the NASA complex in East New Orleans.  On August 5, 2014, director Colin Trevorrow announced on Twitter that filming had been wrapped.

In an interview with Empire, Trevorrow confirmed that the production had hired Legacy Effects (formerly Stan Winston Studios) to create animatronic dinosaurs for the film, as they had in the previous three films. Visual effects supervisor Phil Tippett and Industrial Light and Magic are also set to return.” (Source: Wikipedia)

A little additional info about the original Jurassic Park

I did a little searching and found this interesting tidbit of information about the original Jurassic Park from Screen Crush. Here it is:

Released in 1993, ‘Jurassic Park’ is still one of the biggest movies of all-time and one of the best action-adventure movies of the blockbuster era. How is it that the visual effects in a movie from 1993 look better than most movies made today? You can find out about that, and all other things ‘Jurassic Park’ in the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which focuses on Steven Spielberg’s prehistoric classic. Hold on to your butts!

What makes the dinosaurs so effective in ‘Jurassic Park’ is the blend of CGI and practical effects/animatronic dinos (a ratio of 60% practical to 40% CGI). The T-rex model itself weighed 9,000 lbs., was 40-feet long and 20-feet tall. Those are almost the precise measurements of an actual T-rex, according to fossil evidence. The T-rex roar was created by combining the sounds of a walrus, a baby elephant, a tiger and an alligator. His stomping is actually the sound of tree trunks falling to the ground.

Now, with ‘Jurassic World’ on the way, it’s time to look back at an adventure 65 million years in the making. (Source: Screen Crush)

And One More:

Jurassic World website

Be sure to go to the official Jurassic World Website.  There is some exciting learning activities right on-screen.

When you get there, you can see the Park’s capacity at 96%.  Excellent!  See “What’s happening” in the park at the moment.  Get updates on park “wait times” too.  There is also a counter to the days the movie opens.  Real cool.

Interactice JW Map

When you go to the menu at right, you can get to know the founder, John Hammond.  Also, go the interactive Park Map and get to know the park before you go to the movies!  Learn about the Masrani Global Corporation, the new owners of Jurassic World.   There is much more, enjoy the interactive.

Just One More:

ID Card

Be sure to go to the Masrani Global Corporation request page to get your ID Card for either a requested internship, or in my case, a requested interview!  Have fun!


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  1. My son and I already have a date night planned for this movie. I told him of when I saw Jurassic park 3 in the theatre how I screamed and made a whole entire movie theatre laugh. As an 8 year old he’s very excited to renact my reaction. So excited thank you for all the additional info links. Looking forward to checking them out. 😊


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