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This week, I’ve found another round of wonderful cinematic blogs. There are certainly more to come.  This has been a long weekend and I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving in your part of the world.  I’m featuring 6 new blogs picks this week in film and another round in the coming weeks.  Please enjoy this weeks picks!

The Cinema Cynic

Meet Stuart. He has dedicated most of his life to watching films.  This film blog also has some rare movie reviews, many of which I have yet to see.  “I dedicate so much of my life to watching films I have decided it is time to actually write about them. So here it is: My film blog!”

In his ‘humble introduction to himself, he writes:  “In this blog I will write a review of every film I watch, along with a brief synopsis at the start just like the professionals do! No matter how old, new, mad, bad or god damn ridiculous it is, I will write a review of it (and attempt to not include any spoilers.) I will also try my damned hardest to find some redeemable feature in every film I watch. Lets face it, Expendables 2 is actually a terrible film but tremendous fun which more than makes up for it providing you go into it with the right mindset.”

The Sporadic Chronicles 

Meet Zoe. She loves books, movies and just about anything that she can chronicle.  Most interesting is her chronicle series called “blogathons” of the X-Men Movies and Hitchcock Movies. “I shall be doing a lot of reviews on this blog, as I always enjoy getting my two cents out there about how I feel about certain books, movies and series.”  Also , you can check out her Harry Potter series of entries called “The Potter Perceptions“.

Oracle of Film

Meet Luke Abbott. His review style of movies, TV and even video games is in a humoristic style. What would you expect other than someone from Devon, England. b He has compiled a stack of film reviews worth reading.

FilmTruths Blog

Meet Melissa CeCe. She is a self-proclaimed “Cinaphile”.  She has been blogging about movies and her own style of movie reviews for the past 3 years.  She also has a YouTube channel where she does some of her movie reviews.  She also has a film diary here.

Hard Ticket to Home Video

Meet Brian. He likes talking and reviewing movies.  They have a cool little site on WP.   Not only are movies reviewed, but so are certain movie SCENES called “Shake the Scene”.  Movie music is also a highlight called “Movie Mega Madness”.  It’s a unique way to review movies.

Written in Blood

Like Horror movies?  Well this is the site to visit.  John’s blog is dedicated to blood curdling flicks.  And some  ridiculously funny ones too, like Zombeavers! Perfect for your next bachelor party?  Who knows.   He also features on his blog a great Pod cast series by Daryl Wor, entitled, “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows“.

Enjoy this weeks Blog Picks!

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  1. I appreciate being featured but there is only one problem. My name is John, not Daryl. Could you correct that, please? Oh and where do I find the freshly featured widget? Is it the small blue banner at the end of the article with the wordpress logo that says ‘Pressed on Freshly Featured’?

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  2. Oh and one more thing. The podcast is the sole creation of Daryl Wor. She asked me if I would feature the episodes on Written in Blood to help her bring in more listeners and I am more than happy to help.

    Other than this and thinking my name is Daryl (I can understand now why you would think this), I appreciate being featured. However, I would appreciate it if you would correct these two things.

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  3. Hi! Thanks, John, and thank you, Freshly Featured. I’m Daryl and I’m over here! [waving with smiling giggles] This is kinda fun! It’s as though John and I have merged like Maggie Evans and Victoria Winters in the DS movie! LOL!

    Man, after of year of us working together to try and figure out all the technical difficulties of getting a podcast/radio drama out to people who might chat about it in order to fuel the work, now we’re placed together in tandem. I’m so hip to things like this. Hey, at least it’s nice and upbeat.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, thank you! (And for the revision to this article!) I’m not sure how far along you are in my series but my intros are going to get very fragmented and go downhill a bit. I’m trying to gather about 5 good comments per episode. (I have enough for Episodes 1 & 2, but I welcome more.) The reason that is is we’re very isolated socially (no car) and while I’ve gotten so little discussion I’ve also gotten a ton of negative discussion and a couple people trying to control my work. (I guess it’s so convincing the soap-opera mentality brings out that desire to twist things to their desires so perhaps trying to twist me will make that real for them. Scary!) So the discussion is good for my mental health and continuation. Then we can get Willie back. *heart*

        Currently, I’ve discovered one of my best supporters is homeless, so I’m hoping that helps folks to recognize the importance of discussing shared enjoyment. Well, okay, I don’t just hope that, I pray for it. Peace. ^_^

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  4. Reblogged this on Oracle of Film and commented:
    It’s the 1st December and on the first day of Christmas, my true love (ie: a stranger on the internet – hey, shut up: dating’s tough!), gave me a brilliant gift to kick off the most merry of months. A recommendation for my blo… oh wait, Zoe’s also on this list. F***’s sake, why am I always lumped in with the weirdos? (JK, JB)

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