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OK, it’s another Sunday and this week I’ve chosen to feature some PHOTOGRAPHY BLOGS.  Every blog featured in this post will be some of the Photo Blogs that I’ve discovered over the past and even featured in interviews.  I know there are probably millions more.  There are so many photo blogs out there.  Please, If you are a follower and I missed you, which I’m sure I did, just drop me a line and I’ll add you to this list.  If you have a photo blog that you would like featured, let me know and I’ll keep this a running post of featured photo blogs!

Captivate Me

Robyn is a photographer who takes interesting, mostly close-up photography of just about anything.  She has also taken social sharing of her photography to another level with her ‘One Four Challenge‘ in October 2014.  From her About Page:

“I am a creative person, inspired by colour, texture and light… and everyday things… especially in nature. For 20 years, my past time mostly involved textiles and quilting, while working indoors.

These days I prefer creating with my camera and a paintbrush, while occasionally creating and experimenting in other areas.  Photography and painting are my current passions.

In 2011, I stepped into a photo darkroom for the first time as part of an arts course and it became something I am very passionate about.  I use a DSLR these days and my darkroom is now my computer.

For me, it’s about the details ~ looking closer at a beautiful flower or the details in a sunrise or sunset ~ there are also amazing details in man made things.”

Leanne Cole Photography

One of the best known photo blogs at WordPress, Leanne has a fantastic blog of photos and art.  She lives in Melbourne Australia and first began dabbling in photography in 2003.  She gives excellent advice and has a cat named “Tiddles”.  You will enjoy rooting through this blog!

Ne Photo-Images

A photo blog by visual artist NE Perkins. She has been taking images since 2005. “I’ve done it all it seems. From album covers, websites, brochures, newspapers, businesses, flyers, posters, food menus, musicians, concerts, art shows, events, models, fashion, glamour, couples, children, portraits, families, animals, landscapes, clients from all over the world…list goes on.” She is also ver accomplished in art, which would also qualify this blog as an art feature. Her photos are captivating!

Pearl St. Gallery

Jeanine Jackson has been taking pictures for years.  Her blog is a photo gallery of “Life’s images”.  From her about page: “

About a hundred and fifty years ago I was in the Mt. Miguel High School Photography Club.  Back then we used 35 mm film cameras. Films were rated in ASA  and  Plus X was king.  We dabbled with foul chemicals in dark rooms every now and then, it was a whole lot of fun.  We were young students, explorers and experimenters.  I actually may have known what an f-stop was before cameras had the handy “a” for auto setting.

After high school other things took  priority.   Life happened.  Fast forward a bit.  They took my Kodachrome away. Fast forward a lot more.  Digital photography is here. OMG, even my telephone takes pictures and movies.

This year I got myself a Canon T3 and photoshop .  I’m learning about white balance, ISO’s and a few other geeky technicalities.  The main thing will be to teach myself to “see” and record those visual impressions.  Right now I’m a student, explorer, and experimenter all over again.”


Damien’s passion is music and photography.This is his “space to share . . .  thoughts, ideas and inspire change.”  His photos are rich in color, inspirational black and white images with beautiful close-ups of nature.  Enjoy this blog!

Cee’s Photography

If you enjoy photo challenges, this site is for you! You can simply go to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge and Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. This blog is full of photos including tips and photo tricks!  Cee is also a Lyme disease survivor, having gone undiagnosed for 25 years and falling into a 40 day coma.  See her story here.

Herman Van Bon Photography

I thought I would add this one in at the end.  I’ll be doing a featured series on Photo Blogs, but I added this one in early.  Herman took up photography late in life, if you can call 61 late?  One day, he picked up an iMac with Adobe Photoshop and started to explore a complete new world and continues to do so. His photos are stunning.

“I make photographs with a Sony A77VQ; a deliberate choice of a stubborn person who ignored the advise to either buy a Nikon or a Canon camera. And yes; I like this camera very much and it does exactly what I want it to do. BTW Sony also fabricates the essential elements for the high end Nikon cameras….”


This is a wonderful photo blog that includes many tips and tricks, various photo genres, a site for webcams, and a list of various photo places. It’s a wonderful blog to explore and learn something new about photography, even if you are a veteran. Mitch Zeissler is a transplanted native of Idaho and has lived most of my adult life up and down the Mid-Atlantic region of the east coast. “If I seem to focus a lot on the Chesapeake Bay, it’s because my wife and I presently hail from central Maryland.” Mitch writes from his about page, “My photo and graphics career was spent doing internationally recognized, award-winning multi-image presentations back in the 1980s at audio-visual design shops like Reynolds Metals Company, Slidemaker Productions, Pyramid Studios, and Corporate Visions — contributing photo and animation content to big productions we did for Fortune 500 companies, with up to 32 computer-controlled slide projectors, high-end audio soundtracks, and professional voice talent.”

Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog

Meet Kerry Mark Leibowitz.  He is a Midwest-based photographer with a particular propensity for landscapes.  His photos are stunning and recently Freshly Pressed.  He is now Freshly Featured as well.  Consistent with our vision, Mark also has a ‘featured image’ section of his site with some great works in landscape photography.  From his about page, he writes, “What photography has allowed me to do is to translate my vision to a finished project.  I’m always surprised when accomplished visual artists—those who draw; paint and/or sculpt with such acumen—gravitate toward photography.  I doubt that if I had the natural visual skill of most of those folks, I’d ever have made the leap myself.  If myhand was capable of translating my vision, that’s what I’d focus on.  I have the vision; the camera is the tool I use to make it come to life.”

Also, to see my featured interviews of photographers featured in this magazine, click on the following links:

The Gravel Ghost: Interview with Photographer Merilee Mitchell
Robert Marsala: In a Different Light
Frédéric Jean Biver : Architecture in Photography
Ed Mooney: Medieval Castles and Ruins

Enjoy this weeks Blog Picks!

Again, if you have been featured, please feel free to use this widget on your blog and link back to the Freshly Pressed page of our site for reference. Thank you!

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  1. Fantastic set of photographers and so grateful to be part of the ones you have picked. Thank you and I thank everyone else who comes to our blogs, follows us, and praises what we love as artists. Happy Holidays and hugs to all 🙂

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