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Poetry, like music, can be timeless. Poetry, like music, is often written and re-worked. The creative process is the same. It must be captured, before lost. Like a beautiful waltz, it reveals a rhythm. Once written, It is captured for eternity in form, both on paper and heard for enjoyment.

Words like notes in lovely rhyme
Sing to me in simple harmony
In single and multiple beats of time
They play in key and sound so steadily

In concert they come in mind they flow
Whispers of song in rhythm and rhyme
I write them feverishly before it’s lost
Notes of rapture captured in time

As I write and hum a lovely hymn
In silence it comes from somewhere . . . within
Mind in staccato, then largo and simple meter
A down beat or half beat . . . it doesn’t matter

As phrases in music and timelessly written
The ink through a pen rings true on these pages
Time stands still as a signature rest
Like a dance or a waltz
. . . played through the ages

© Poem written by Al Kline, 2014.

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