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Another Blog Pick Sunday is upon us and this week I’m featuring blogs that feature films, reviews or just general film interest. I have found quite a big, but will only be featuring 6 this week. If you have a film blog that you would like to nominate as a featured blog, just comment below. Enjoy this week’s picks!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions (IPC)

If you are into obscure movie reviews, this is the site for you.  I bet you have never seen Dead Snow?  Well, I have and they even feature the new Dead Snow 2 – Red vs Dead!  Now that’s obscure.  There is also some hilariously funny Sunday Comic Strip series called the IPC Sunday Funnies entitled “Threes Cumpany”.  There is much more . . .

Tranquil Dreams

Another great film blog that has more than film, but also some photo and writing mixed in. “To the new visitors, in 2014, expect to find movie reviews from new and old releases mixed with marathons and film festivals. In March and August will feature my Recommendations month. ” This blogger lives in Montreal: “Also, you’ll find photo challenges, write-ups, personal posts on my adventures and some local Montreal events coverage along with travel pieces. Furthermore, there will be short monthly reviews on books and starting in around March, weekly workout roundups will drop to monthly (or maybe biweekly).”

Mike’s Film Talk

This blog has been around a very long time.  Since 2011, Mike has been talking about film.  Just go to his search bar and your bound to find any film you type in for a review and recap.  You would probably think that all Mike does is sit around and watch movies, however, Mike is a true blogger at heart.  Enjoy his blog!

The Stake

The Stake is a contributor blog featuring reviews, TV, Movie, book, media, games, and even pod casts. Of course, they have interesting insight into all their reviews. Sometimes even using movies to make a point. Interesting posts and interpretations.

The Nerds of Color

Eying “pop culture with a different perspective”, this is also a contributor blog of mostly movie reviews.  The blog has great color and uses the Twenty Fourteen Theme by WordPress. “We are a community of fans who love superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy and video games but are not afraid to look at nerd/geek fandom with a culturally critical eye.”

What about the Twinkie?

This is a great movie review blog that does just movie reviews.  I love personal film reviews, and this blog has all that. Kierontownend is a Film enthusiast, blogging about the things that matters to him and whatever else takes him interest.

Enjoy this weeks Blog Picks!

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    • I will certainly get you featured. In fact, I’m working on another Movie Blog Pick Sunday . I didn’t realize how many movie review blogs are out there. It may be a few weeks, but I will get you featured. I’m also working on featuring other blogs like food blogs, poetry blogs, etc. It’s a cool way for me to discover new blogs!

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