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OK, another Blog Pick Sunday is upon us.  OK, this has been a busy week.  Before I get to the blog picks, I just wanted to update you on a few new features.

Coming in the next few weeks will be more blogs to discover through this series.  I will also begin sub menu/categorizing my picks for easier identification if you wish to find blogs of a certain genre.

You can also go to the BLOG DROP BOX page and suggest any blog to feature here and I’ll do my best to get it on the series.   I’ll also try and spice up the series with various topics linking blogs that have something in common.

All of these blog picks will be featured on the FRESHLY FEATURED PAGE with a link to the site after the write-up.

This week, I’m featuring blogs that just look interesting to me and discovered while surfing the blogosphere.  They have little bit of everything.  Some are funny, some are more serious.  Enjoy.

Trying to Parent. And Stuff

This is a wonderful blog about the life of Claire, who is 30 and pregnant. Follow her journey!

The Problem with Young People Today Is . . . 

OK, this is a classic blog with over a million followers.  However, I think Mr. Donald Mills (aka Crabby Old Fart) is no longer posting anything recent to his blog.  No worries though.  His blog is so funny, it never gets old re-reading his posts on the “Problem with Young People Today!”.  Even his Gravatar says it all “I’m old and crabby”.  If it’s  What the Hell is Running Through Young People’s Minds? or How to Dress – A Guide for Nitwit Young People, the old fart will grab your attention and your funny bone too.

Subatomic Tourism

Not quite as small as subatomic particles, but If you like miniatures and miniature photography, this blog a little of everything to offer. This blog has been around for a while (since 2010).

Jsack1’s blog

Great writing and content on this blog!  This is a mommy blogger with lots on her mind.  She is a self described “Mommy blogger, a newbie navigating the blogging universe. I’m the matriarch of my household, Mom of all trades, and blogging keeps me sane. I’m on a never ending quest to write about this crazy, wild, world I live in.”  Enjoy her blog!

Muddled Mawkishness & Murky Musings

This blog is unique because it features music, very soothing music to listen as background to having tea, coffee or a simple massage.  This blog shines on through WordPress.

Notes from the U.K.

Ellen Hawley is an author of 2 books who lives in the U.K.  She has a wonderful blog “Exploring the spidery corners of a culture and the weird stuff that tourist brochures ignore.”  She has published two novels, Open Line and Trip Sheets, and a third, The Divorce Diet, will be out in January 2015.

Ellen was born and raised in New York, lived in Minnesota for a very long time, and now lives in Cornwall, U.K. “I’ll be updating the blog twice a week–probably on a Tuesday and Friday, but don’t try to hold me to that.”

Enjoy this weeks Blog Picks!

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