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Why is it so important to use the “Freshly Featured” widget?  Simply, it refers other bloggers who visit your site, back to this site to get featured.  They will also find new blogs to visit in that particular area of interest.  Similar to “Freshly Pressed”, it’s my way to give blogs their past-due recognition.

Before I talk about Freshly Pressed, I wanted to tell you a little about the history of this blog.

Last year, I started a blog called “The Blog Identity”.  It was a blog designed to feature posts and other blogs allowing blogs to submit posts, rather than get chosen as they do at WordPress with Freshly Pressed.  This turned into more of a feature blog as you see it today.

So, let’s talk today about Freshly Pressed, which is a hot topic among bloggers in WordPress.  I’ve seen this on other blogging platforms too, there is something a little ‘elitest’ about getting pressed on WP.  Would it surprise you that I’ve actually had some FP’d bloggers refuse to be featured because they have already been FP’d?  Would it surprise you that I’ve gotten ‘hate’ emails because I’m giving bloggers another alternative to get “pressed”.  I’ve even had bloggers (who were Freshly Pressed) tell me that they would rather “self promote”.

I’m sure that’s what they told FP when they were notified they were getting pressed.  “Oh sorry, I don’t want to be freshly pressed or put the widget on my site because, really, I’d rather self promote my site.”  Really?

I won’t harbor any bad feelings about the few bloggers that don’t like my idea.  But overall, most of you LOVE the idea! So, you may ask, “Why start a page called “Freshly Featured” and use a widget that looks so much like Freshly Pressed?


The Featured on Freshly Pressed Widget

Presssed on Freshly Featured

The Pressed on Freshly Featured Widget

It’s mainly to show the WP community that there is more to blogging than just waiting to get one of your posts recognized.  You may be waiting quite a long time.  Why not recognize THE BLOGGER in a similar way?  The widgets do look similar, but there is a good reason for it.  And why do the badges on the Freshly Featured page look so much like the running post badges on the Freshly Pressed Page?

Irish Bakewell Buns

The Freshly Pressed Badge on your Freshly Pressed Reader


The Freshly Featured Badge on our Freshly Featured Pages

As you can see, on the FP (Freshly Pressed)  badge, there is the pressed FP post and the category of “food” , in this example.  On our FF (Freshly Featured) badge, we have the blog name featured and the person behind the blog listed.

The reason I wanted to make this similar is because it is consistent with what WP is doing to feature posts and blogs.  I just want to take it up a notch and help them by highlighting even more blogs worthy of recognition.

Also, there is nothing more gratifying than posting a featured widget on your blog showing that your hard work has been finally recognized.  The real test will be when people who are actually FP’d put the FF’d widget on the same page.

This will be our little badge of honor. This allows the featured blog to post the same, cool widget as those random peeps who get pressed on FP.  However, getting pressed here is not random.  If you come to this site and want to get featured:  You will and I’ll do my best to get you recognized.

The way I see it, particularly good blogs have a few things in common.  1)  The writing is good, 2) The content is good and often varied and 3) The site has an eye-catching appeal.  And there is an IDENTITY.  Photography, Art, Film, Food, Cartoons, Ideas, Books, etc.  These are only my ideas for criteria, so feel free to suggest some others.

I’ve been following Freshly Pressed for years (since 2006) through my other blogs.    Sometimes, I scratch my head a little on their picks, but it seems like the more outrageous or even ‘dark’ the post , the better chance you have of getting picked.   I’m not sure about all the criteria, but If you have a blog on depression, death, a current affair, a hot current topic or a theme, you are more likely to  qualify.  Or, you are an expert in your field, written a few books, work for a publishing firm, etc. etc.  Well, you get the picture.

Now I don’t want to bash or down play the uniqueness of Freshly Pressed.  Their post pics are really good.  However, I’m curious (as I’m sure most of you are), who are the people behind the picks?  What is their criteria?  Or is it just random.

Why not just allow bloggers to ‘submit’ a good and worthy post to Freshly Pressed?  Why leave it up to a few people to decide what is FP worthy?  Here, you can just ask, and you will receive!  Simple as that.

I know from observation, that getting FP’d is not always random.  There are only a few people, according to the FP folks, that have the job of picking 3 posts a day to press.

Just to give you an idea, I’ve seen some FP’d blogs get pressed with “one” post.  Yes, you heard it, one post.  I’ve seen people get FP’d multiple times (even some of my closest followers which I adore, so no disrespect intended).  As good as these blogs are, isn’t “one” FP’d attribute enough?  Why 3 , 4 or even 5 times?  Consider LongReads?  They have been FP’d countless times.  Why not give other bloggers a crack at it.

There are so many good blogs out there who have never been and will never be recognized.  Blogs that have been posting for years with excellent content.  This is where I come in.  I’m not going to freshly feature posts, rather I’m going to freshly feature BLOGS.

So, to help the cause and give my fellow bloggers a little notoriety, I’ve started the FRESHLY FEATURED PAGE.  What better platform to do this than here, in a Featured Blog called Featured E-Magazine!

So this is how my little feature will work. I’ll Freshly Feature blogs that I or you think is interesting, note worthy and unique in content.  Even Freshly Pressed blogs are welcome (The non – elitist type of course).  Usually, I will post a weekly BLOG PICKS section with some of my recent discoveries.  These will be highlighted on the freshly featured page.

Once blogs have been posted, you can grab the little badge for your widget and proudly display your ‘freshly featured-ness’.  Not to take anything away from Freshly Pressed, but let’s have fun some with this!  Let’s feature some really good blogs, not just a post picked by a room full of WP programmers.

I know that the more serious blogs, like blogs on depression, rape and death may be of interest or even entertaining, but I will likely not make this my feature.  I would rather this be a happy and fun feature of some really good blogs who are way past due to be recognized for their work and perseverance.

Remember, this is a work in progress, so every week, I plan to post 6 or more new bloggers in any particular area of interest (I.e. Film blogs, Photography blogs, etc. )  Some blogs will even get featured and interviewed.  And, the blogs will be posted on both the Freshly Featured Page and a categorized Page of all those blogs with similar interest.

To see the most recently nominated and picked blogs, go to our Freshly Featured page.  And if you are nominated or chosen, feel free to use the little widget below and link that to our Freshly Featured Page.  Thanks and all the best!

Presssed on Freshly FeaturedJust put this little puppy on your page once you are featured.  And be sure to link it to the following URL:


** This new page will be a work in progress.  You can go here to visit the page or click the page on my menu.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog! I am proud to be included and look forward to checking out your weekly picks; I already have found a few great blogs through your site and know I will continue to find even more. I really appreciate what you do to highlight bloggers and connect them with one another! 🙂


  2. I have so far largely ignored “Freshly Pressed”. I don’t know what their criteria are but they obviously do not reflect my own interests. I don’t find the selection there particularly interesting compared to many other articles and posts I see.


    • I know that there is a real frustration out there with many bloggers who use WordPress and have spent years on their blog and never get pressed. It’s almost like a slap in the face. Personally, to me, if you have been blogging for the past 2 years, you should automatically have at least one of your best posts freshly pressed. And why not allow WP users to submit your best post to FP? I could go on and on really. With Freshly Featured, I want to start highlighting blogs by topic (i.e. great photo blogs, great adventure blogs, great cooking blogs, etc.) There is more to come . . .


      • Its a good idea to criticize the system. One should ask what is the purpose of FP and what are the criteria.
        Personally, I must say I only had a look into it in the beginning, when I had just started blogging. Then I actually forgot about it, so I did not ignore them actively (in the sense of a boycot) but “I did not even ignore them”, it you know what I mean. I had completely forgotten this thing exists. This might be due to my personality structure. I am not interested in status symbols.
        It is probably impossible to pick good posts by an algorithm. How do you recognize quality. So they are probably hand-picked. In that case, the articles selected will definitely represent the biases and educational limits of those staff members who do the selection (with educational limits I don’t want to imply they are lacking in their education, but you cannot be an expert on everything). As a result, the selected articles will probably represent more or less the main stream. Very special stuff or very controversial things will very likely never be included.
        For me the question is: what is FP good for at all? If it is a source of frustration for many of WPs customers and there is no way to change that, they might better stop it.
        For me, it is important to be able to find articles by tag, and if I am searching for very special stuff, I can use general search engines.

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  3. I absolutely love your ideas and fun take on all this… and not because I happen to be Freshly Featured this week! *wink* Seriously, the FP system needs attention, I spoke to Ben Huberman (Daily Post and Community Pool) about this, having seen so many worthy un-pressed posts (not my own!) and he said we can submit other peoples’ work for consideration, which I shall begin doing. There is no guarantee of Press, but maybe if we flood them with enough fun, photographically beautiful and lighthearted stuff they will (eventually) get the message that not everyone wants to discuss depression, politics and rape. The main problem seems to be there are at least 100,000 blogs to every person in a position to “Press” anyone. As for multiple pressings, that I don’t get either. Seems a little lazy, actually… Thanks again for the wonderful work you are doing here, Al! It is so very much appreciated! (Can I suggest the amazing Ellen Hawley of Notes from the U.K.? She is a published author, a wry and thoughtful writer who never fails to make me laugh!)
    Thanks again, xx Mother Hen

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is great, would appreciate a recommendation to FP. I think you are right, I don’t want to criticize FP, but there should be a way to submit blog entries to get some notice from well deserving writers and bloggers.

      Personally, I think featuring blogs (the way I will be doing it), is long overdue. Maybe WP will take a look at what I am doing here for some inspiration to feature blogs rather than just posts. It seems once you do that, there is no reason to have multiple entries. Thanks for that information. I have some really good blog picks coming up and a lot more to come!


  4. Thank you so very much for featuring my blog! I’m honored to be among blogs you think are interesting. 🙂 I’ll definitely check out some of the others you have featured here, as well. Thanks for doing this as I have read many unhappy posts concerning ‘Freshly Pressed’. Thanks again! 😀


  5. Recently, WordPress launched the ‘Discovery Blog’ , a collection of “freshly pressed” stories, blogs, etc. They have moved away from the FP brand and made an improvement introducing a SUBMISSION entry form on the ABOUT page. However, it is still the same 6 editors who have to pick and choose the ‘BEST’ blogs on WP planet. I’m actually a little tired of seeing LR, CLR and others constantly post their content in this section. I think it is too totalitarian in nature, but that is just my opinion.


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