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Well, another Sunday is here, and I’m going through my reader to find some really great blogs. And I’ve found some really good ones this week. It never ceases to amaze the number of good blogs that I find that have not been pressed.  So, if you are out there Freshly Pressed Pressers, take a look at some of these great blogs.

Some Kernels of Truth

This blog is fantastic! It’s what I consider a “true blog” in every sense. This blog covers just about everything from books to internet gaming. In her about page, Kernel writes “This is a site with a little bit of everything, but at its core, it focuses on sharing different truths — some are silly, humorous observations on day-to-day life or current events, while others are interesting passages from books, websites and other sources.” She has a beautiful skill for writing.

John Ferebee Photo

I’ve featured a few photography blogs in the past. This blog was quite eye-popping when I first discovered it. His photos are so pleasing to view and so crystal clear.  There are some nice night and early morning shots with such great content in every photo.  If you love photographs of landscapes you need to see this site.

Mother Hen Diaries

If you like stories, humor and want something to tickle your funny bone, Mother Hen may be just the ticket. Dorreen is an American living in England in a 250+ year old cottage on a hill top in England (sounds surreal!). She uses her humour as “the best way to deal with the perils of aging and menopause, a dodgy knee and sciatica.”

Your’s Truly, Zhivali

Shefali Judeline Jauhar has a wonderful fashion blog that incorporates the modern with traditional and historical posts. Fashion history posts is what separates this blog from other fashion blogs. Posts such as Art and Fashion of Ancient Greece or Art and Fashion of Ancient Egypt.

Readful Things Blog

If you like books, this blog has a lot of them. Ionia Martin is am a writer, a reader, a musician, a photographer and a mother. She also is a book reviewer/blogger and loves to read books of many genres/styles and varieties.

Lorelle on WordPress

This blog is one of the oldest, still functioning blogs out there.  It is filled with great tips and advice on social media and blogging.  As warm as your grandma’s hot chocolate, she is wise to the ways of blogging and social media.  She has written over 1975 articles, started blogging with WP in 2003 and now teaches and trains students in using WP. A great find!

Enjoy this weeks Picks!

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  1. I think you are to be lauded for this kind of feature in your magazine. Freshly Pressed has so many hoops to jump through to even be considered that so many of the blogs it features seem watered down and trite at times–this is especially true where poetry is concerned. Thank you for your due dilligence as a Feature magazine. >KB

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  2. Reblogged this on Mother Hen Diaries and commented:
    Mother Hen Diaries is in Featured E-Magazine! How exciting is this??? I may never be “Pressed,” but I am truly and absolutely honoured by this shout out… Thank you, thank you, thank you! *curteys awkwardly, trips on hem of dressing gown, tumbles into orchestra pit…*

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  3. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words about my blog! Thank you so much; I’m honored to be featured on your site, and alongside the other great blogs you highlighted here — great company all around! 🙂


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