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Windowless Flight Concept and Design

What would flying be like without windows?  Companies such as TECHNICON France and CPI are now concept designing airplane cabins claiming it will reduce weight and CO2 emissions and increasing fuel savings.  By using plastic displays as panels in the walls that are ultra thin and flexible (OLED technologies), they are hoping it will add to the in-flight experience during air travel.

CPI reports:

Weight is a constant issue on any aircraft. Over 80% of the fully laden weight of a commercial airliner is the aircraft itself and its fuel. For every 1% reduction in weight, the approximate fuel saving is 0.75%. If you save weight, you save fuel. And less fuel means less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and lower operational cost… everyone wins.

Let me know what you think?

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  1. OK, I’ll start this one off. I think the concept is cool, but may be a bad idea for a number of reasons. I like my cabins dark and want to know what is always out that window. Light distraction from multiple OLED screens may be a bit annoying.


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