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Seasons Change

I am sitting outside and appreciating the beauty of another day. We have had a tremendous amount of rain lately, which has added more green then the normal yellow we see this time of year. You see, in South Texas, it doesn’t rain much. So, we are experiencing a sort of Spring in the Fall. In an area that is known for only one long Summer and a short Winter, for October, this has been a treat.

I have been featuring a lot of other work and features lately and I appreciate everyone who is beginning to follow my little project.   I though I would spice it up with my personal anecdotes.  To just keep it interesting, and add a little personal flavor to the mix.  Even a little poetic leisure from my own collective works.


I sit here, sipping my tea in the afternoon taking in the grand colors, the warm sunshine, the quiet wind. Not the colors of Autumn but rather the colors of a late Spring in Fall. I wanted to capture some of this beauty for you, so I took some photos to capture this moment.

“As leaves fall
They quiver and shake
Carried by gentle wind
On soft ground they lie still
Resting ever more”


The flowers are again in full bloom and the grass is as green as ever. You would never know it was almost November. I recently read a post by my new friend, ArtMoscow, describing the Nakedness of Nature in November, but here in South Texas, we rarely see such things until January.

Soon, however, this quiet tranquility will not last.  The vividness of color will quickly turn to the rawness of Winter and the bareness of a branch. The season will change.

Autumn is usually associated with the changes in color from green foliage to deep reds and yellow.  Mike Etie is a Texas artist who captures some of the color changes well through our own little region of Texas called “The Hill Country” where color changes are still possible.

∫ Morning on the Frio,  Pastel on Panel. 12" x 12"  © Mike Etie

∫ Morning on the Frio, Pastel on Panel. 12″ x 12″ © Mike Etie

In South Texas, we rarely see this transition, but rather the yellow tinge of dry heat to an abrupt fall of leaves.  Cold fronts that dip southward bringing less humidity and crisper nights.  The weather will get cooler, and the leaves will fall.

In Texas, the seasons do not follow the same particular pattern as the rest of the world.  Indian Summers are the norm with an abrupt change from warm to cold.  Nature offers its own version as winter arrives.  A palette of bright yellow and green as Spring lingers into Fall or a palette of grey and brown as pre-winter begins.

With each seasonal change, it reminds us of our youth.  We grow older with each passing season.  We change, the seasons change, it’s the ever-changing, yet predictable cycle of life.  What is certain is that Winter will always arrive.  Trees will throw its restless shade aside.  Rivers will quench their flow to be reawakened by the sun in early Spring.  Autumn will fold to Winter and cold turns to Spring . . .

Italian School Painting

SEASONS CHANGE (Poem by Al Kline)

Spring warms into Summer
Air grows heavy in grit
Glow of sun light bakes the earth
Warming park benches where we once met

Lazy days and leaves in color
Hammock swings in rhythm with the wind
Trees throw their restful shade aside
In selfless contribution as a faithful friend

The wind is cool and the sun still warm
Breeze whispering in my ear
Warmth is quiet on my skin
There is little sound for us to hear

Leaves will fall and break to the ground
And dry out in the light
Trees bare their lonely branches
Hands reached out of Love’s might

Penetrating grass and soil
the ground is hard and cold
Laying dormant through the season
Grass yellows in brittle toil as we grow old

Snow covered banks glisten
And rivers quench their flow
Frozen blankets quiet the land
Wildlife whither to and fro

The river has stopped flowing now
beauty cycles round and round
Warmth has left like withering souls
as we lay together on frozen, hallowed ground

Air is clean and crisp in the evenings
Birds landing on a wing
The moon is bright as star lite skies
Autumn folds to Winter and cold turns to Spring

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  1. I love living in the North East (USA) because we are graced with all four seasons. Although Autumn is a beautiful time of year, it always brings me sadness. It’s a reminder of a cold winter not too far away, and we will have a long stretch of the season of death.


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