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Featured Blog: Art Moscow

∫ Artmoscow and his son bridging the generation gap through art appreciation.

∫ Artmoscow and his son bridging the generation gap through art appreciation.

So this is my Sunday where I get caught up on some of my followers and new blog picks.  It’s not everyday I run across a really interesting and engaging blog, but when I do, I’ll try and feature it here either as a feature interview or featured blog.

Want to know more about Van Gogh?  Contrapunto?  How not to get bored by renaissance art?

I recently came across one that is so interesting, I found myself reading through a number of posts, going back to 2012!  It inspired me to begin featuring really interesting blogs again on my site.  So, without further ado, I give you Artmoscow’s blog “Standing Ovation, Seated – Helping People Understand Art“.  Artmoscow is an art collector and “promoter of new talent”.

This is a blog about art appreciation. Not about art criticism, but about learning to feel and understand art. For yourself. So that each time you go to a gallery, you get a kick out of it. Very few people really do get a kick out of art, but we’ll gradually learn this skill together.

Occasionally, you would come across a short story – either purely my own or in response to writing challenges. The stories will be short and, hopefully, a blip of comedy on the spirited landscape I was promising a few lines back )

In my previous post, I featured the music of his 18-year-old son called “Drunk? Passing out?” that features his very talented 18-year-old singer, song writer son.  I soon discovered a rich blog of content on art, art appreciation and lots of nude art.  However, not in the complete sense of the word, as you see when you read a post such as “Nature’s Nudity Neglected?“.  This post was written in 2012 and is still as fresh as if written yesterday.

The writing and composition of each post is skillful and unique.  This to me, is one of the endearing qualities of a great blog: Great content, engaging, personal and , well for me, something about art and life.  And the bonus, you learn a lot about art.

Feel free to browse some of these wonderful posts.  Here are some of my favorites:

Great grandads and their great grandsons
Public Art: Help me to unsee it
Three-dimensional landscape

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