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24 Easy Hi-Tech Costumes for Halloween


Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer has devised a way to make your Halloween costume come alive. At first, Mark used 2-IPads to “blow a hole through his stomach” to make his costume come alive, and the video on YouTube went viral! (See video here)

Mark and the company Morcaptain-america-tshirt-1ph Costumes, have been working all year to come up with 24 new costume ideas for Halloween. After 40 prototypes, he perfected the new Halloween digital shirt by making a new pocket that will accommodate any digital phone. There is a free application called Digital Dudz that allows you to download, locate and play your particular digital animation.  His company has also received free license and permission to use the Marvel Comics brand to make some really cool T-Shirts that also come alive with some of your favorite Marvel Comic characters.

Mark also teamed up with YouTube sensation “MagicofRahat“.  They came up with four unique illusions and costumes for Morph Costumes. These include a severed hand illusion prank, a falling head illusion costume, Alien chest buster illusion prank and sliced in half illusion costume.

Morph Costumes has a variety of costumes, masks and suits for anyone including a really fantastic kid costume section.  Be sure to check out their website at Morph Costumes.


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