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Chris Jones: The New 4th Dimension in Computer Graphic Realism

∫ 4 D computer graphic generated head.  This breakthrough represents the future of 4D CG  © Chris Jones

∫ 4 D computer graphic generated head. This breakthrough represents the future of 4D CG
© Chris Jones

Chris Jones is a graphic artist who is paving a new path in 4D computer graphic (CG) realism.

Look at the head at left.  This is “Ed”.  Chris’ latest project that illustrates the future of 4D CG.  The progression of this work is described below.

Chris is from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.  Much of his computer graphic work has culminated in which is now undoubtedly known as the “longest production short film ever made.”

His featured short film called “The Passenger” took an astonishing 8 years to complete.

This short film won a list of awards including the “Best Animation” at the 2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and “Best Australian Film” at 2008 Melbourne International Animation Festival.

The short film was no simple feat.  Started in 1998, it wasn’t completed until 2006.  No wonder, Chris Jones is a one man show and creates most everything himself including composing music for most of his projects.

His latest work called simply, “the head”, illustrates how Chris is pushing the boundaries of computer graphic realism.  He began this project in December 2012 with simple animated “eye and wrinkle test” which culminated in September 2014 with a full head rendering.

Let’s take a look at how this all began.  On his new blog, Chris captions this test as “An eye rig and dynamic wrinkles test run.”  His latest projects are labeled WIP or ‘works in progress’.

This is followed by “the face WIP” or “face test”.  Chris says , “After a succession of interruptions I’ve finally managed to make some more progress on this guy.  As before, it’s just a proof of concept, so there’s a myriad of temporary, incomplete or just plain missing bits.  I saw fit to add some music this time, for whatever reason.”

The realism is astonishing!  In November 2013, the ‘eyeball’ is taking shape.  This 20 second short shows the fantastic rendering created to give the eye a complete realism.

In February 2014, the eye is then rendered within a face.  “The latest in my ever-increasing assortment of body parts.  Thanks to Brendan for supplying some extra render power.”

Finally, just this month, Chris has combined and rendered the entire face including expressions and eye movement for a realism that is almost never seen before in the realm of computer graphics.

“Now that his eye is back in place after its little outing, I’ve been subjecting Mr Head (Ed) to some panel beating and a coat of paint.  As you can see, he is most pleased with his new appearance (now in 4D)”.  What makes this so fascinating and different is the movement as well as the rendering is seamless and life-like.  This will undoubtedly be the wave of the future for CG video games and movie realism.

On his about page, Chris states that “Whilst mucking around getting an Industrial Design degree at Swinburne University of Technology, he began working as a freelance children’s book illustrator, and following graduation continued illustrating and animating before becoming a computer game artist at Beam Software (later to become Infogrames). He left Infogrames in May 2000 to work full-time on The Passenger, which he didn’t complete until 2006. He is still recovering from the ordeal.”

We have contacted Chris for an exclusive interview on this latest project.  You can follow Chris’ work on his website.

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