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Can’t get enough of the Titanic or just can’t stop watching James Cameron’s movie?   Or are you just a history buff fascinated by shipwrecks?   Now you can walk through the old ship and walk down the reconstructed $1 million Grand Stair Case.  If you want to experience a wonderful tour and visual, you will have to travel and visit the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge Tennessee or Branson Missouri.

“The Titanic Museum Attraction is not to be missed” -USA TODAY.

This interactive museum contains 400 artifacts. While on your self guided tour you can walk up the Grand Staircase, steer the ship, and even feel the coldness of 28 degree water. Touch an iceberg and hear actual survivor stories. Within the Discovery Room you can look at the photos of John Joslyn’s dive to the Titanic’s resting place.

Upon entry, guests are given a boarding ticket that has a story of an actual passenger of the Titanic. The guests then follow the passenger’s story as the exhibit proceeds. Each of the artifacts that are shown relate directly to a passenger or crew member of the actual ship. The museum’s tours are self-guided and at the end of each tour, the guests are able to discover the fate that befell the passenger in the ticket.

The museum is actually shaped like the Titanic herself, except that museum is built approximately half the scale of the actual ship. To create the illusion of being at sea, the museum is also anchored in water, and it towers approximately 100 feet above Parkway. Throughout the museum, guests are able to walk on an actual size replica of the Grand Staircase that was one of the main features of the Titanic. The guests can also view pictures that more or less come to life, as well as touch a surface of a simulated iceberg. In the communications room, guests may be able to send SOS signals, and even receive communication from the coast guard. Gallery rooms are also filled with rare historical artifacts, and to top it off, guests are able to have a simulated underwater exploration of the Titanic.

New in 2014, enjoy a tribute gallery dedicated to one of Titanic’s most colorful passengers: Margaret ‘Unsinkable Molly’ Brown! On Valentine’s Day weekend, Brown’s great-granddaughter will be at the Pigeon Forge ship to celebrate Unsinkable Molly and will be excited and happy to meet everyone! (from vacations made easy)

“The best story telling museum in the world.” – Rick Meade

Learn to send SOS signals, shovel coal, sit in the life boats and enjoy a 2 hour walk through experience.  The museum houses over $4.5 million of actual artifacts from the ship and debris field.  You can even plan a wedding and be married on the grand ole’ ship!

Winner of the 2012 and 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

“The most lavish monument to the sea’s most famous disaster.” – USA Today

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