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Earth and Water

What if all the water on Earth was placed in a single water bubble? That bubble would only cover 860 miles of surface area on earth and raise up 107 miles high.

imageAccording to Inspiration Green, “Although 71 percent of the Earth is covered in water, that water is but a thin film on Earth’s surface… That lone water sphere represents all of Earth’s water. Including the 96% salt water and 4% of fresh water that exists above, on, and in earth’s crust. If you took all the planet’s water and poured it into a sphere, its diameter would be about 860 miles (the distance from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Topeka, Kansas). It would have a volume of 332,500,000 cubic miles. The sphere represents all the water in the Earth’s oceans, ice caps, lakes, and rivers, as well as all groundwater, atmospheric water, soil moisture and even the water in all plants and animals.”

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Inspiration Green, “Global Water Volume”

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  1. Funny coincidence. Earlier today, I opened Bill Bryson’s book “Short history of nearly everything” at a random page. It was giving the facts and figures of earth’s water. So this is twice in same day, learning about same subject. 🙂
    Good post!

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