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Frédéric Jean Biver : Architecture in Photography

If you enjoy photographic blogs, you will certainly enjoy Fakeormistake. The work of Frédéric Jean Biver presents photos through the eye of an architect and the lens of a photographer.

Frédéric Jean Biver is an architect who has been practicing his trade in the UK and Switzerland for the past 11 years. He doesn’t do a job without his camera. He takes every opportunity to take photographs.

In parallel to his professional career, Frédéric Biver investigated himself the art of photography since 1991. In the public communal photo laboratory he developed the analog black and white photography technics. Since 2000 he added digital photography and used it to gain more experience in the graphical aspect of photography adding color to his repertoire.

With iphonography, he used day to day opportunity to experiment further the graphical approach to photography.


“Textures, colors, and graphical attributes vs content became more and more his field of interest as digital photography allowed him to speed up progress and momentary conclusions.”

His first professional appointment occurred through architecture as he was hired to picture and document student models and drawings in 2000 by the architecture department of the ETHZ in zurich.

Punctually published in architectural magazines since 2005 he naturally pushed forward his investigation which rapidly transformed into a obsession, an addiction.

Frédéric Biver self published his 1st book as a summary of momentary conclusion in a book called “fake or mistake” in 2011 and 2012. He then decided to structure and share his work though a WordPress website which he named after his book.


“I give to my captures a content and a graphical face. I frame views not only from a content point of view but in a graphical approach as well. . . I then combine related captures. I create a resonance, a story.”


His posts incorporate a sense of organization, something you can see in architecture; lines, squares, order and symmetry. Each post also has balance.

“My work as an architect offers plenty of opportunity to capture special moments in various situations. Traveling gives me other opportunities. I give to my captures a content and a graphical face. I frame views not only from a content point of view but in a graphical approach as well. Sometimes one dominates the other. It’s often the opportunity that tunes the photograph. I then combine related captures. I create a resonance, a story.”


His blog also highlights some of his photography in section such as ‘A series’, ‘Graphic Photography’, ‘joe fredey & taxi in NY’, ‘Meanwhile in Colours’, ‘Portraits’, ‘stories’ and ‘UFO & Aliens’.



“My blog is an ongoing logbook. It’s open to day after day practice. To me it gives a conclusion to each step of my graphic curiosity. It documents an ongoing experimentation. It is the media which structures the material i produce.”

His blog tagline explains his blog title, “Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail, there’s only make.” “Art is for free”. “To me Photography is a balance. And it is also an escape. It’s using another muscle, moving in another media. It’s like walking versus swimming. A wish to fly. Simply explained, It’s an addiction. Eventually i share the products of this addiction on this site.”

He is currently living in switzerland, his work as an architect creates valuable opportunities to produce captures in various situations. “One field impacts the other in an enriching resonating matter.”

Frédéric Biver

Frédéric Biver was born in south Germany from a French father and a bi national Swiss and German mother in 1974.  He grew up in Paris suburb (France) and went to the international school of saint Germain en laye (German section) until 1993 where he graduated a scientific baccaleaureat. He then studied 4 years of medicine before readjusting to a more creative career in architecture at the federal institute of technology in Zurich (Switzerland) ETHZ between 1997 and 2003. After one year of professional experience in Zurich he left Switzerland to move to the united kingdom (London). He worked there as an architect in east London between 2004 and 2009. He then moved to Lausanne in 2009 to work as an architect site manager between 2009 and 2010 and as an architect project manager for major projects between 2010 to 2014. His medical and architectural combined background helped him develop a visual conceptual mind using analogy as a tool to explain and visualize ideas.

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