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Daniel Borreto: Moving Pictures and Motion Graphics

Daniel Barreto

I first notice Daniel Barreto’s unique style and photos last year in a piece entitled, “Tree Homes for Gnomes (From my earlier blog)“.  Since that time, Daniel has been perfecting his craft of integrating photos with animated Giff loops. In May 2013, this important work was even published in the Turkish Magazine Postkolik.


“I got known for making the woodhouses and fairytales, even thought I do more than that, it’s kind of funny.”

Daniel has been published on more than one occasion.  He has also been featured in Installation, an IPad Magazine filled with exceptional interactive presentations of contemporary arat, design, culture and fashion along with new juxtaposition of emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Daniel is an accomplished photographer and artist. He often uses his art and combines much of his personal art with photography to create some stunning images (photography and illustration).

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Daniel also creates some of the most fascinating Motion Graphics through simple Giff loops. He uses a Canon EOS REBEL T2i for many of his photos. He will typically take the photo and then using Photoshop, create Giff images making a fascinating,visual loop.


I recently contacted Daniel for an exclusive interview:

I featured you last year on my blog and a lot has happened in the last year. Can you tell me what has been going on in your life and the projects you’ve published?

I guess since I published the WoodHouses I got a lot of attention from a lot of places and publications. I got known for making the woodhouses and fairytales, even thought I do more than that, it’s kind of funny. This year, I’ve had a couple of new exhibitions, made a mural for MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the Science Art Festival and am now completing an animation of 3 minutes that has gotten me a few awards.

What have you been studying in Boston and are you finished with your studies?

I’ve been studying a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) at SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) . The answers is not so simple because I’d transfer a lot from others schools and some of the credits still frozen. But I calculate 2 more years. Plus I don’t know if I want to end my studies at all or end them there at SMFA.


How is life treating you in Boston and will you be staying there after your studies?

Perhaps but I don’t quite know. Since I’m from Mexico most of my family is back there its kind of hard. But opportunities at Boston are quiet high (or at least higher than in Mexico) Anyways I believe that if you are good at something you can find opportunities everywhere, so I’m trying my best.


I noticed a ‘private’ work recently on your website entitled “Hands” Can you tell me what inspired this work and how was it created?

It was kind of an exercise at the beginning but I liked the final result. The inspiration came from the Filmmaker Norman McLaren and the way he created patterns out of ordering the same film strips over and over again with a exact time separation.


What are you working on now?

Right now I have been working the whole summer on a Video Mapping project. I’m working with a projector projecting to a big leaf of a plan and making animations on it. This piece will be presented in a Digital Art Festival in August along with the hands being projected in a building. I’ll send you gifs or video of the complete piece after I finish it.


I always look forward to your new projects and artwork. What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years with your craft?

Keep on moving and experimenting but making my style more solid every day. I can really imagining myself working for a agency of publicity and I will love to make visual shows with the Video Mapping softwares and the combination of my illustration or video work.


If you would like to see more of Daniel’s fascinating photographs and Motion Graphics, please be sure to visit his links below.

Also, Daniel is in a current art contest and would like your vote. Please follow the LINK to vote for his latest project! Be sure to deactivate your pop-up blocker before you vote.

Daniel Barreto

Daniel Barreto is a freelance Artist currently living and studying in Boston

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Daniel Barreto Official Website

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