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Modern in the 21st Century

Ever since I read The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel about Howard Roark, a young architect who’s individualism transcends the concepts of a standard, often boring vision of conventionalism in architecture. I have always been fascinated by Architecture that breaks the boundaries of our standard conception of what we consider “modern”.

Enter Mario Botta Architetto , who completed the Spa Tschuggen Berg Oase in Switzerland. The Swiss architect designed this spectacular spa as an amalgamation of sliced spires set into its mountainous surroundings at the base of the mountains in Arosa, Switzerland. At night, the structures glow alight in various colors that gains brilliance within the darkness of the mountainous snow. The interior spaces are divided into four different floors. The spa is part of the luxurious Tschuggen Grand Hotel

The ground floor houses the fitness area including cabins for body massage and treatments, solarium, barbers and hairdressers and a variety of other shops. The second floor houses the “sauna world” and relaxation area that is connected with a glass bridge to the main hotel. This walkway is called the “promenade Architecturale”. The third floor houses the swimming pool. Called “water world”, patrons can relax and swim overlooking large glass enclaves. There are also external spaces from the sauna and swimming pool reachable through attractive terraces.

“Originally conceptualized with the goal to “build without over-building,” the architect designed geometric structures with organic motifs peeking through the natural landscape. He explains, “The great volume disappears into the earth; only the vegetal and, at the same time, mechanical ‘antennas’ emerge, marking the recreational and collective character of the structure.” The result is a magical combination of nature and man-made architecture.” (MyModernNet)

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