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Grist has an Environmental Twist


Grist is an online web magazine that has featured environmental and political news since its inception in 1999 by Chip Giller.

From the websites bio: “Chip founded Grist in 1999 to lighten up a movement known for taking itself too seriously. He’s been honored with a Heinz Award for his media innovations and for making environmental issues relevant to new and broad audiences; and he’s been named a TIME magazine “Hero of the Environment.” Chip has been featured in such outlets as Vanity Fair, Newsweek, and Outside, and has appeared on broadcast programs including the Today show and PBS’s NOW. Before launching Grist, Chip was editor of Greenwire, the first environmental news daily.”

Grist has a number of staff writers and topics range from interviews, opinion pieces, daily news, book reviews, food and agricultural coverage, and green advice. Posted topics including Business & Technology, Climate & Energy, Food, Living and much more.  Its stated mission is “to inform, entertain, provoke, and encourage its readers to think creatively about environmental problems and solutions.

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