Featured Art

Embroidered Journalism


Artist Lauren DiCioccio takes the finer art of needle point to a new level, embroidering newspaper photos as fine art. In her project series entitled Sewnnews.

“As news-gathering departs from paper form and is conveyed instead through the television and internet, the newspaper becomes a nostalgic and old-fashioned object. I describe the beauty of the ritual experience of newspaper-reading by describing the paper as a tactile and fragile object in the language of craft. The pieces in this series are entire issues of The New York Times encased in hand-embroidered cotton muslin. I select a photograph from the paper; usually a strong image suggestive of power, leadership or communication; and embroider the image onto the fabric, applying colors in a painterly way and layering line and thread. Portions of the image remain as outline and threads tangle and unravel from the fabric.” (Official Website Statement)




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