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LED Skirts

Want to make clothes that light up when you move? It’s easy with Flora, Adafruit’s Arduino-compatible wearables platform, which Becky Stern uses to make a Sparkle Skirt that’s activated by the Flora motion sensor.

12 color-changing LED pixels light up the skirt from within, all connected with conductive thread to the Flora main board. The accelerometer senses motion and triggers the LEDs to twinkle any color you like.Adafruit

Look at our complete tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System and follow along to electrically bedazzle your own project– and it doesn’t have to be a skirt, either. This circuit and code would work great on a hat, a belt buckle, and even a blinky dog collar. (Tutorial)

The code for this project is easy to understand and you can adjust the sensitivity to motion with just one number– so you can be as flashy as you want.

When it comes time to clean it, remove the battery and gently hand wash– just remember to let it air dry completely before plugging the battery back in!

So get out there and make your own Sparkle Skirt and light up the dance floor– then share your creation with us on our weekly Show and Tell on Google+, and Subscribe to the Adafruit channel for more Wearable Wednesdays.

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