Month: July 2014

21st Centuray Arch

Modern in the 21st Century

Ever since I read The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel about Howard Roark, a young architect who’s individualism transcends the concepts of a standard, often boring vision of conventionalism in architecture. I have always been fascinated by Architecture that breaks the boundaries of our standard conception of what […]

Haiku Photography

 Haiku Photograph: Tetris is a free online magazine launched on July 19 2014 and run by Alex Markovich. He also specializes in his own type of photography, called “Haiku Photography”. I call my style “Haiku Photography”. What does unite my photos with this genre of poetry? Evanescent […]

DeMilked-Design Milking Magazine

DeMilked, is an online Web Magazine dedicated to showcasing the world’s most creative products, design ideas and inspirational artworks. “Demilked is a design milking magazine. We milk the world’s most creative minds and make you tasty inspiration cocktails by mixing industrial design, technology, concepts, advertising and a little […]

Home vs Electronics

It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I would go back on the blog bandwagon and start posting again. Sorry about the delay! So, I found an interesting site called Home vs Electronics. Interesting site about everything Architectural. If you like architecture, you will like […]

Things Come Apart

Canadian photographer Todd McLellan published a projected entitled “Things Come Apart” as an expansion of the original “Disassembly Series.” In a recent NPR report, some points of his technique is revealed: “To photograph the objects, he first tried conventional portraits but found the results “boring and stuffy.” Eventually […]